Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Day of Preparation and Waiting

More planning where things will fit. More thinking about how our daily routines will shift with the new space. Taking care of details. That about sums up the day.

I did walk a couple of times with the dogs. But I didn't get out into the desert. I find I miss that when I don't go out there. Soon the day will come that we will head to another place and the desert will be a memory until the next time we make it out here. I used to question how people could just stay in one place all the time. I spent so many years in one place out of necessity, perhaps somewhat out of habit as well. Once we started traveling, I thought we would be on the move all the time. However, this time in the desert has been good for my soul. There is a peaceful energy out amongst the cactus. There is a silence that somehow speaks to me out there. I think tomorrow morning, I need to head out into the desert before it has a chance to turn into just a memory.

We braved the shopping center and went to a nearby Target to pick up some new bedding. We've almost gotten used to the queen size bed, now we will readjust to a king size.

JoAnn baked a cake yesterday and invited us over to share it last night. They have volunteered to help us with our move. They tell me it's only because that way they can see all our stuff. Actually, they are excited and happy for us, and we greatly appreciate their generosity.

I made a "Blueberry Paradise Pizza" for dessert today and we invited them over to share it. They seemed to like it. At least they asked for the recipe.
Just one picture today, a Gambel's Quail that was walking by our home. We saw a roadrunner across the road, but didn't have time to get a good, clear picture.

Two more nights in the Bounder...

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Tumbleweed Dee said...

I found the Phaeton brochure that we picked up at the Rally. You're MH is fabulous. Slides on both sides, what a deal! Congratulations and I can't wait to see pictures.