Monday, March 10, 2008

Courageous or Silly, But it Worked Out

Today I needed to pick up my prescription at Walgreens. I am used to the reaction of the technicians who check me out, no matter which Walgreens I go to. The techs who check me out always seem to be afraid to tell me how much my co-pay is. They must get a lot of complaints about prescription drug prices. Since we have an HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan), my co-pay for this prescription is over $100. I'm used to this, and don't mind, since I use money in my Health Savings Account to pay for it. The funds we put in these accounts can be invested, and they are tax free. I'd also much rather pay for the services I actually use, instead of paying for high premiums for medical services I don't use. The plan we use provides comparable coverage to other plans, once we meet the deductible.

After I got back from getting my prescription and dog food, Sandra and I went out into the desert with the intention of finding the geocache I've been after for awhile. We were going along fine when the trail just went away. After we discussed it for a few minutes, we set out across the desert in the direction my GPS told me we needed to be going. We were less than half a mile from the cache, so we just took it easy and carefully, whapping the ground with our walking sticks in the hope of scaring any dangerous critters before they could scare us.

As we got within a few feet of the coordinates, I told Sandra to be on the lookout for a rock pile. She pointed a few feet away where there was a pile of rocks in between two Saguaros. Sandra was right -- there it was! She had her garden gloves with her, so after we pounded the pile of rocks for a bit with our sticks, she started pulling the rocks away to reveal her first find.

There were some really interesting goodies in this one, including a jig-saw puzzle, a card game and several other items. I signed the log book and we carefully buried the cache back in it's spot.

From the rv park and back, we traveled over 3 miles. By the time we got back, we were both ready for some down time.
Jim started the laundry while I was gone, what a nice guy! We had some leftover jambalaya for lunch. Our tax papers arrived in the mail today, needing our signatures. That's handled. We also reserved tickets to a Rockies/Diamondbacks baseball game for the week that my sister and brother in law and cousin will be visiting.
The other big event today was Jim's decision on his dental work. After speaking with his regular dentist in Colorado, he's decided to have him do the work. What that means for us is we will head back to Colorado on April 7 and stay there until it's time to head to Branson, MO for the RV-Dreams rally in June.

This has been a fine Monday!


JoyceTravels said...

Ellie, I'm so glad you found the geocache!!! Sounds like it was an interesting one!


Tumbleweed Dee said...

I'm also glad you found it before leaving the area. It's always such a high. I can't wait to start looking for them on the road.