Sunday, March 30, 2008

Little Things That Make Us Happy

Jim has a list going of the things that need adjusting, fixing, or just plain explaining on the new rig. We're taking the coach to the dealership on Thursday to accomplish these. Last night, he wanted to open the window behind his chair. He nearly turned himself upside down trying to get it open. Nothing doing. He added it to the list. Today, he turned around and just opened it. Seems the lock mechanism wasn't in quite the right position. I hope the HD/Satellite/Surround Sound issue turns out to be as simple. We are having senior trouble with the technology, I guess. I don't even understand it well enough to describe the problem!

He was up and sorting laundry before I had one eye open this morning. I asked him why he was up so early -- just awake, he said. When I asked if he'd slept ok, he said until 3, when he heard a rattlesnake! Well now. I didn't hear it, but I know he's very sensitive to snakes, so it's possible. I'm certainly keeping a close eye out when I'm out walking these days, especially with the dogs. I just learned that rattlesnakes are nocturnal, so the flashlight is on high beam when I go out with the dogs at night, too.

I did go to Target to buy two more rugs. While I was there, I couldn't resist looking around and ended up with a new crock pot. I have one, but it is tiny, and I thought I could fit a bigger one in the same place as the tiny one. Then I thought I should get a "present" for Jim to balance out the crock pot purchase, so I bought him a Handi-Vac. He's been lamenting the fact we didn't keep our Food-saver, so this little gadget might ease his pain a bit. It does the same thing as the big machine, but it's a little hand-held unit that runs on batteries. Jenny, one of the friends I met in the RV-Dreams chat room, mentioned it one night, and I happened to see it today. You can read her blog at Eleven Foot RV. The crock pot fits and Jim likes his present, so it all turned out good.

This is the kitchen area floor with it's two rugs on the floor.

This afternoon we strolled through the desert (while keeping sharp eyes out for any slithery critters!). Even though we've walked the same paths before, it all seemed new, as the ligtht and the level of blooming is ever-changing.

Golden Gate Mountain behind increasing greenery.

A stately Saguaro

Blooming cactus

Another type of cactus in bloom.

We seem to be in that "in-between" state of mind. We're getting anxious to be rolling down the road, but know we'll miss this very special desert area. New adventures await, and we'll keep our memories of our time here!

It's been another fine day!

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Anonymous said...

Ellie, my sweet Wife has been looking for a rug for the living room in our RV for one year and she has not had any luck??? Maybe you could give her a hand. I see you went right out and found one. Oh well you can be sure I am no help in this matter.