Thursday, March 20, 2008

Moving in - Day One

We were a little concerned this morning when we called LaMesa and found that our biggest request had not even been started. We'd asked for the driver's side hide-a-bed sofa be removed and a Euro Recliner and computer desk be installed. The first guy Jim spoke with didn't know anything about the request. A few phone calls and about an hour later, we'd determined that yes, they had the right pieces to match our interior color but it would take them awhile to get it in. So we were moved from a 10 a.m. walk-through to a 1 p.m. walk through.

JoAnn and Doug had planned to come over to LaMesa at 1 to bring us lunch and help us move. We begged them to save the taco soup and come tomorrow instead. Luckily, it wouldn't be a problem for them. What great friends!

We got the walk-through done and the papers signed and actually started moving things in around 4 this afternoon. Jim wanted to get the compartments done first, so he started on those with all the slides closed while I carted a few loads of necessities to get us through the night. I have to say it feels a little odd to be parked side by side with our Bounder, in an RV Dealership parking lot.

The staff at LaMesa has been very accommodating and helpful. That is, the service folks, the initial salesman, the woman who helped us through the paperwork maze. The people we had to deal with to actually make the deal haven't been all that great. Of course, now that the papers are signed, I'd like to believe we got a good deal. Let me just say for our current circumstances, the current economic freak show, and our decision to do this now instead of waiting until next year, I do think we did the best we could have to get the exact "dream house" we wanted. Would I recommend LaMesa in Tucson? I'd have to give a neutral, "maybe". We stood our ground and walked on them a few times, after which they made some concessions. In the end, we have our Phaeton, and when we leave here tomorrow, they have a 2004 Bounder, and we're both satisfied.

Now, to get settled. It will take a while to get things put away and get into the flow of things with this rig. I am not posting any pictures today, but I will get some posted soon. I think we're going to be very comfortable here!

I confess to being pretty tired and sore tonight, but it's still been a great day.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of your new home! I know that you are really excited about it. I am soooo envious.


Bob and Molly said...

Hey Ellie,
Congrats on your new rig...know you're going to enjoy it!!
Thanks for sharing the "process" of trading rigs; hope the moving in isn't too stressful, but it will sure be worth it!!
Post photos soon so we can see how lovely it is!!
Molly & Bob