Friday, February 29, 2008

Routine Re-Established

After the dust storms and general travel through Mexico, our little home on wheels needed some attention! I sent Jim off on a variety of errands, put on a Dierks Bently CD and went to work. Several hours went by and I'd only cleaned from the front windshield about a third of the way back to the kitchen area. I'm deep cleaning, which really needed to be done. I took a break for an important phone conversation with my good friend, Karon. She's in Rockport, Texas, and I'm trying to talk her and her DH into firing up their home on wheels and heading out this way. We'll see.

Jim got home before all the vacuuming was done, so I still have some left to do. But I made great progress. Once he came home I switched gears and started on the pile of laundry. That's also going to be a 2-day job. I did get the comforter and quilt washed and dried, as well as a big load of towels and the dogs' bedding. But we still have about 4 loads of clothes to wash tomorrow.

Then it was time for a walk in the desert. Things are really getting green here, but we're not seeing much in the way of blooms yet. We're hoping to see some flowers while we're here.

Sandra and Gordon are across the golf course from us, and they'd invited us for dinner. We enjoyed a very good chicken, rice and broccoli meal with fruit for dessert. We had a great visit, getting caught up on the travel adventures in Mexico and all the important things full timers talk about, like how happy we are that we're retired!
On our desert walk, I got this picture of Jim near a tall Saguaro.
Behind our rig is a Saguro that is frequented by Gila Woodpeckers. This one was quite vocal when I stepped outside the rig today.

Here's a nice view of our site from the back of the clubhouse.

I hope tomorrow is about the same as today!

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