Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Sparrow and A Geocache

First, I want to thank my mentors and teachers for correcting my bird identification from yesterday. What I thought was a Cactus Wren in the Saguaro is actually a House Sparrow, evidently, a male. I sit corrected!

One of the regulars in the RV-Dreams chatroom last night mentioned he gets pretty bored reading about how some bloggers report their days..."got up, drank coffee, yada, yada, yada..." Somehow, it never seems to get boring from our perspective! It's true that many of our days are not full of drama and adventures. We think that is a blessing of this lifestyle and being retired. Coming from a politically charged atmosphere in a Human Resources office, I'm pretty happy that I'm not dealing with the drama and adventure that I did in that life. Jim also feels pretty happy that he's not working a rotating shift, being responsible for power supplies to hundreds of thousands of people. Of course, our days may not make for exciting reading every day either, but you never know what we might get into!

A little before noon today I asked Jim if he'd be interested in an easy geocache trip. I also asked Sandra if she'd like to go. I drove and Sandra controlled the GPS. We drove to a picnic area in Tucson Mountain Park, which is a drive of a few miles. The geocache was not far from the picnic area. Sandra led us right to it.
Sandra and I consult the GPS.

I pulled this one out from under the tree.

We check out the contents.

A field of wildflowers in Tucson Mountain Park, near where the geocache is hidden.

This little white flower was discovered in the desert behind the rv park on our walk this morning.

This looks to me like a three-armed fellow with a stub nose.

We relaxed for awhile this afternoon, enjoyed the warm temperatures and the breeze.


Rod Ivers said...

Hey Ellie, I wasn't inferring that your blog was boring! I said that my blog was hard to write since I'm not on the road currently. And yeah we got up drank coffee and yada yada yada. LOL I always look to see what you and Sandra are up to, in the nice warm desert. Sure beats cold old KC.


Unknown said...

I enjoy your comments and look forward to reading your blog every morning.

Anonymous said...

If someone is bored reading blog postings, than he/she should stop reading blogs.

For my part - I hope the bloggers keep writing whatever they feel like posting.

smdrm said...

If someone is bored reading the blogs, let him/she stop reading.

I enjoy whatever the posters want to write.

Anonymous said...

Ellie, I enjoy reading you at every entry. When you are still land locked, like Sherri and I you enjoy hearing about you setting around and drinking coffee etc etc. Just reading you discribe the view from your site and what all is going on takes us away to that place and time and we are setting right there with you enjoying all the things that you are enjoying.
Thanks so much for taking your time to share your adventure with us.I hope that next year at this time Sherri and I are out there too enjoying all that you have.
Speedy...Joe and Sherri

Anonymous said...

I, for one, really enjoy your blog and all the others who describe their daily lives. I love hearing about your "morning coffee" and if you took a nap in the lawn chair during the day. It helps those of us who are stuck in one place live that wonderful life with you. Please don't change a thing.

Bob and Molly said...

Hi Ellie! I very much enjoy the writings in your blog, so please carry on! I understands Rod's theory...I often hesitate to write about the "mundane" things of the day also; but it's always an enjoyable read when I visit your page, and those of many others!
Many thanks for sharing both your adventures and your "un-adventures"!
Molly & Bob (Steel and BobGuy)