Friday, February 6, 2009

Girls Gone Geocaching!

After our usual morning routines, including Jim and I going for a walk together, I got ready for today's geocaching date with Dortha, Sandra and Deb (Keeping Up With the Kendalls). The plan was that Deb, Dortha and I would meet for lunch at The Apple Dumpling and then meet Sandra. Unfortunately, The Apple Dumpling is closed! So we went with Plan B for lunch and headed to Jalisco's, a local Mexican eatery. The food was ok, better than some, not as good as others.

We then met Sandra at the Bealls store. While we were waiting, I noticed they were having a big sale and spied some T-shirts that were under $10 and a style I like to wear. I quickly picked out 2 and paid for them, then we got on to the business of the day.

Today was Deb's first day of geocaching, and we'd picked out 6 caches to find. Sandra, Dortha and Deb all have Garmin navigation GPS units, and I have one that I use only for geocaching, as it doesn't have street maps loaded in. It was pretty entertaining riding around with 3 GPS's talking at once!

We got to the first location and Deb was the designated finder, with a little help from Dortha. This one is part of a series; and Dortha and I found one of these the last time we were out geocaching in Rockport. So we knew right off where we'd find the cache, once we got close.

Below are Sandra and Dortha looking on as Deb gets ready to sign the log:

Dortha found this one, it was a pretty clever hide! Deb and Sandra record the moment with their cameras:

Somewhere in this picture, there's another one that I found today:

Here's one of my favorite birds, the long-billed curlew:

And of course, the ever-present great blue heron:

We found our six caches pretty quickly, so we decided to see if we could find a few more. Dortha had a couple more loaded into her GPS, so we found one of those, then took Deb and Sandra to one we found last week. That one was a quick find for Deb. I knew of another one that I thought was interesting, so we went there as well. All in all, we logged 9 finds today!
It was getting chilly with the wind blowing pretty hard, so we called it a day. We dropped Sandra back at the Bealls store and took Deb back to her RV at Big D. We thought we'd take the quickest way back to our park, but got waylaid by a fire and found the road closed. We backtracked and got home without further adventure.
Jim and I made flatout pizzas for the 4 of us for dinner. They turned out pretty good! These are pizzas made with Walmart's Flatout Wraps as the crust and lots of healthy veggies as toppings, along with some Canadian bacon. They are very Weight Watcher's friendly!
Tomorrow we'll be going to Corpus Christi again. My birthday present from Jim, a beautiful Garnet ring, had to be resized, and it's ready to be picked up. What a great day it's been!


Debbie and Rod said...

Thank you SO much for introducing me to this new hobby. I can't wait to do it again!


Speedy said...

Ellie what is it with all these fires?? Evey entry you have a fire. I guess they ar burning off the dry areas to keep down on wild fires??