Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Day to be Out and About

Ah, this is more like it. It's still a bit chilly and breezy, but the weather has definitely been better today.

This morning, we met our son, Josh and his friend, Amanda, along with daughter, Robin and Grandson Jacob for breakfast. This is my first attempt at stitching two pictures together. Here is Amanda, Josh, Jim, Robin and Jacob:

At breakfast we discussed the stuff in storage. After breakfast we all met over at the storage facility and browsed through our unit. There are things I've forgotten we ever had, so I don't think I'll miss it when it's all gone. Our objective is to have the unit empty and relinquished by the time we leave here at the end of the month. We are going to call a second-hand furniture dealer or two and have them give us an estimate on the furniture. We are not all that interested in advertising and selling individual items. If the furniture places aren't interested, we've decided we'll donate all of it that the kids can't store, and take the tax deduction.

By letting go of this last load of household goods, we've fulfilled one of the prophecies that people make about fulltimers and storage units: many of us think we can't live without this stuff, so we rent a storage unit only to let go of it in a year or so. Ok, ok, I believe you now! To those of my readers planning, but not yet fulltimers, are you listening?

When we got back home, I relaxed awhile and worked a few puzzles. I didn't quite get to the nap stage today.

This afternoon we went out on our Nordic walk. We haven't increased our distance yet, mainly because right now we just want to get into the habit of walking together every day.

I made a chicken casserole recipe that Jim found in a cookbook he brought home from a used bookstore. It has hundreds of chicken recipes in it! It turned out pretty good though. We had fruit and salad with our meal. Strawberries and Cool Whip over Angel Food Cake finished it.

Late this afternoon I took the dogs and camera out to see if I could find a few green pictures.

This tulip made it pretty well through our nights of freezing temperature:

The trees are starting show some green by the creek:

These are the high-priced sites with chimineas, patios with tables and chairs and barbeque grills:

Here are the geese, sunning themselves by the creek:

It's nice to see the green trees against the blue sky.

A bird's nest:

This has been a beautiful day, we're hoping for many more!

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Speedy said...

Ellie here you are trying to get rid of stuff and Jim is bring home cook books LOL Way to go Jim. Sherri and I are getting ready to take our walk. It rained this morning so I don't know how far we can go. Moppah came over last night so I didn't get on chat till late.

Joe and Sherri