Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Typical Spring Day

Another early morning-- today I had my bone density screening scheduled. I could have sworn I made the appointment for 9:30, however, when they called yesterday to confirm, the receptionist said it was 8:30, but I needed to be there by 8:00 to register. Now, what self-respecting retired woman would make an appointment that early in the day! Oh well, one more early day probably won't hurt!

So, I was up and out the door by 7:30, and back home just after 9:00. Jim was busy with the paperwork to fill out for the registration and license plates on the Castle. We finally got that all straightened out and ready to mail. We paid Arizona sales tax when we purchased the motor home, but Texas has a slightly higher tax rate. I was glad it was not more, but we still had to shell out over $200 for the difference. That and the registration fee, plus various other small fees brought our total to just a little over $400. That is next-to-nothing compared to Colorado's registration fee. In 2004, when we first purchased our Bounder, we had to pay over $1,400! Texas is definitely less costly in that area.

When we get to Texas after the RV-Dreams Rally in June, we will need to get the Castle inspected. We'll also need to upgrade our drivers licenses, since this vehicle is considerably heavier than the Bounder. In Texas, the class of driver's license is dependent on the weight of the vehicle driven. We need to take a written and driving test. Yikes, I need to start studying!

Once we had the paperwork complete and ready to mail, we were ready for a breakfast on the way to the storage unit.

We turned in our notice to vacate the storage unit today. After sorting the remaining boxes into various piles - one for donating to charity, one for Josh's storage and one for Robin's storage, we realized we'll need a truck to get it all moved. On the way back home, we stopped at U-Haul and reserved a small truck for this weekend.

Back home, we took a break and rested for a little while. Then Jim took his new air compressor back, as something was broken inside. While he was out, he stopped at Chipotle's for take out. While we ate, we had a visitor to the hummingbird feeder. I'm not positive, but I think it was a male Ruby-throated hummer. We're getting regular visits from a female, but this was the first male we've seen.

I didn't take new pictures today, so these are some I've taken over the past several days.

This pretty flower basket was on the street in Manitou Springs:

Our "resident" geese:

A view of Pikes Peak through the trees in the lower level of the campground.

We've had perfect weather today. No wind, nice temperature, and sunny to partly cloudy skies. I wish it would last, but they're saying we can expect colder temperatures and rain mixed with snow later on tonight. Oh well, it's still a great life!


Speedy said...

Mr Gore must live in a different demension from all of us. Where is this Globel Warming. We have had the lowest temps in history in many areas and they say the ice cap is growing. Something is very wrong?? When we stop burning so much fuel we should have another ice age...LOL

Joe and Sherri

Speedy said...

Don't tell Sherri but she does that appointment thing too. She makes appointments and then she never can remembet when she made it. Our secrete...