Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy After Mother's Day

It's been a couple of busy days, with a little relaxation sandwiched in.

Saturday night we went to Louis & Marie's house for a fabulous dinner and tour of their great house that they're about to put on the market. They've put in extensive work remodeling and it is a beautiful home.
This is Louis with one of their dogs, Sylvia. She's reportedly a "schnoodle". She has more of the poodle look, but I'm wondering if there's a little dashound mixed in there because she has very short legs, a slightly longer body, and a distinctive bark that isn't quite schnauzer or poodle.
Here's Marie with their other dog, Strumper. He's also a schnoodle, with a more schnauzer-like appearence. He's about the same age as Mr. BJ. In fact, the two of them romped as puppies. They've both settled in to middle-age dogdom now!
Yesterday was wonderful. All three of the children called me. Jim treated me to breakfast, the kind I like, quiet and at home. I forgot to mention the other present he got me in addition to the new inverter for my laptop. Now this is true love -- he got me the new Neil Diamond CD, even though he can't stand Neil Diamond.
We were able to go for our Nordic walk before heading over to my nephew and his wife's home for a barbeque with most of the family yesterday afternoon.
Rick is my sister's son, here he is with his wife, Marilia.
Catrina is my great niece. She's pictured below (left) with her mom, Tami, who is my sister's daughter, and Berta, my cousin. The dog is Robusto (we call him 'Busto). He's Rick's dog.
Below is Tami's husband, Tyrone and their oldest daughter, Sharitta.
This is Cousin Berta's daughter, Cindy, and her boyfriend JR.

And below is Rick and Marilia's son in law Ryan, and daughter Tashi.
And here's Busto.
Last night we settled in to watch the finale of Survivor. Of course I was multitasking with the RV-Dreams chat room and working a puzzle. As soon as the Survivor winner was announced,, I switched over to the season finale of Brothers and Sisters. Later, I went back to the west-coast feed and picked up Desperate Housewives. Gee, it was a busy tv night!

This morning, I noticed we have a little female (I think) hummingbird at our feeder. I was able to catch this one picture.

I'm also working on a little cat rescue operation. A gray & white cat was abandoned here at the campground several weeks ago. It is very friendly around children, but I haven't been able to get close to it since the first time I encountered it right after we got here. I'm putting a little cat food out for it now, in the hopes I can pick it up to take it to a rescue location.
To round out the critter report, I'm sitting here listening to the bird wars behind me at the feeder. I think we have several families of finches and sparrows. They get really agressive with each other over the feeder rights. There is a lot of flying and squawking going on!
And so it goes in our lives...

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Speedy said...

Ellie, I could tell that you were a little preoccupied last night. Now I know what you were up to. Sherri was doing the same thing. She just didn't chat. LOL
Sherri and I have taken up the puzzels now and we are really slow. I look at all the average times and I think that we are both mentally challenged.