Sunday, May 18, 2008

Project Complete!

One more item checked off the list. We no longer have a storage unit. The last of the boxes and things that we need to keep have been delivered to our childrens' houses to be kept for us. We both agree that was a big step for us.

We woke up around 7 this morning and took our time having coffee and waking up. We stopped at Village Inn for a quick breakfast on the way to the storage facility. That was all done and the rental truck turned in shortly after noon.
Late yesterday afternoon, I went out with the camera, and was lucky to see the female Western Tananger:

Many locals don't think Fountain Creek is very pretty, but if one pays attention, there is beauty everywhere:
This cute little "Teardrop" trailer was here last night:
Honeysuckle is one of my favorites:

Ann and Bob came over last evening for pizza and cards. I'm happy to report that the sisters had a great run of cards. We started with cribbage. Typically, we play 3 games. A lot of times, the guys "skunk" us and we end up playing only one. Then a lot of times we only play 2 because the guys win 2 in a row. But this time we played all 3. The sisters won 2, so we took the series. After that we moved to canasta, the sisters won that too. The final game was spades, which Ann won. It was a fun evening!

We are leaving 2 weeks from today. I spent some time this afternoon looking at possible stops along the way to Branson. I also did a search on and found that within 5 miles of the campground where the rally is being held, there are 33 caches. That could keep us pretty busy!

The weather has turned warm, almost hot. We are happy about that!


The Haman's said...

Congratulations on getting the storage gone! I guess you and Ann make a better pair then you and I. I want another chance. Have a great week.

Jenny Johnson said...

Conga - rats on cleaning out the storage units. Anytime you want to come help me with mine will be just fine. I am surprised there are so many geocaches. I am looking forward to learning how to do that. We will have so much fun.