Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Usual Drill and Meeting More Friends

I know you're familiar with the drill: I clean house while Jim does laundry. Since I was doing deep cleaning today, it took not only laundry, but two more trips to Walmart for Jim to avoid being here while I was in the cleaning frenzy.

Later, after we had showered and relaxed awhile, it was time to meet Peggy and David. I've been "talking" to Peggy for about 3 years on another online community that includes many people who camp and rv. Peggy and David live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but were coming through the Springs today. They had invited us to go out to dinner so we could meet in person.

We had a good visit here in the Castle before heading over to Applebees. They are hoping to put their house on the market this year so they can retire and go fulltime. We discussed all manner of subjects, and found many commonalities. It was great meeting them, we hope to get together again "down the road."
Ok, I admit it, I am hooked on meerkats. When we were in San Diego at the beginning of 2007, we visited the zoo. All I really wanted to see were the meerkats. When we got to their enclosure, I stayed for as long as I could, just watching their antics. At the gift shop I looked and looked for a stuffed meerkat. I finally found the last one in the window and snapped it up. It now rides on the dash of the motor home. I was saddened when Animal Planet dropped the series, "Meerkat Manor" after the dominant female of the "Whiskers" gang, Flower, was killed by a snake. Tonight was the showing of the movie that detailed Flower's early life. Of course I had to watch it, so I'm late posting.
I named him "Shakespeare" after one of the characters on Meerkat Manor.
I was able to catch 3 birds at the feeder today.

It's been another great day!


Tumbleweed Dee said...

That was a great show and I watched it to the end. Meerkats are high on my list to see in person sometime. I like your meerkat on the dashboard.

Peggy n David said...

Ellie & Jim - it was so much fun to meet, and we had a great time. Looking forward to seeing you 'down the road'!