Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Storage Saga, Dental Work Continues

Yesterday was another step on the road to getting back on the road. Jim had a dental appointment. This one was to get impressions for his permament teeth. It was a little more extensive than he anticipated, so he was pretty sore after the numbing wore off. He has one more appointment where they'll set the permament teeth and we can then be on our way.

We also needed to do some rearranging in the storage unit so the furniture would be accessible. Jim was going up there after his dental appointment, which was at 8:00 (yes, that's A.M.). I wanted to help, so I went with him and waited in the car, thinking it would only be a short time. When Jim came out, I got to feeling queasy. I thought I'd be ok, but halfway to the storage facility, Jim turned around and brought me back home. I was ok after a few hours, and he got the arranging done by himself.

This morning we had people coming to look at the furniture, so we got up early (again!) and went up to the storage facility to meet a woman who works in Jim's dentist's office, and a used furniture buyer. We sold a treadmill, china cabinet, coffee table, an armoire, and several other items. Slowly, we are getting through the things we once thought we couldn't part with. The owner of the facility came by on his rounds and bought Jim's nearly-new compound mitre saw. We made him a good deal! The tedious part will come when we get to the boxes. We'll need to check each box to see if we still want to keep the contents, or make donations to charity. With the donations, we'll need to make a specific, detailed list of the items for our tax return. The boxes we keep are going to the kids' houses where they will store them for us. Hey, we stored stuff for them most of their lives, so now it's their turn! Things we'll keep include family heirlooms, quilts and afghans, books and some collections. The rest is history!

The weather wasn't in a mood to cooperate with furniture moving this morning, so one of the pieces will get picked up this evening since the rain has stopped. The used furniture store folks will be coming back on Saturday for their items. It will sure feel good to be done with this project! About as good as it will feel every month when that rental payment doesn't disappear from our account. Over the next 5 years, that will amount to nearly $9 ,000 at today's rental fee. That's a pretty fair chunk of change, or a few tanks of diesel fuel, whichever way you want to look at it.

The sun has come out and the clouds are moving away. It's a beautiful afternoon!


Karon said...

I love it when a plan comes together. You both are so good at getting things done. That amount of money is a chunk of change that would most certainly pay for some fuel and or campgrounds.

We will see you in Branson.....we are so anxious to get there.

Love you, Karon

Speedy said...

Jim that was pretty slick of Ellie to get sick and have you do all the aranging...and you right out of the dentist chair....hey I feel for you... Sherri has a way of doing that to me....LOL We both know it is not true but you have to keep an eye on them...


Tumbleweed Dee said...

Oh wow, that's a lot of money for a shed. Another reason to sell what we have, no second guessing. We can get all new stuff with that kind of money in savings. Thanks for mentioning the storage shed.