Tuesday, May 13, 2008


In the last entry, I ended with a critter report. I'll start this time with this small lizard I saw sunning on the rocks by the creek yesterday morning.

Here's a view up the creek, the trees are really getting green!

A couple of nights ago, Jack Mayer was in the RV-Dreams chat room. I know he and Danielle are working at Diamond Campground in Woodland Park again this year. We had talked about staying there, however, it wasn't open yet when we came back. We wanted to check it out for possible future stays, so yesterday, we took a drive and went to look at it. We introduced ourselves to Danielle and Poppy, then went to find Jack. We spent a few minutes visiting with Jack before we drove around the campground and decided it would work out fine for us. I'm not sure when we might stay there, but next year is a good possibility.

This is one of my favorite views of Pikes Peak, it was taken from Woodland Park.

On our way home, I wanted to do some shopping in Manitou Springs. As we drove into town, I was struck with a vivid memory. The Ute Indian statue below played quite a part in my childhood. At one time, there were several locations where "Manitou Water" flowed. This Ute Indian is one of them. He's dry now, but when I was very young, we would drive up to Manitou on Sunday afternoons during the summer and collect a gallon or so of soda water to mix with lemonade or Kool-aid. The water was famous for its supposed healing powers and was actually prescribed for tuberculosis patients. I didn't know or care about that, I just knew it gave our summer drinks a wonderful fizz!

These days, Manitou Springs is primarily a tourist shopping destination. It seems that each year, some of the shops are different, but there are a few that have been around for some time. Since I bought a few gifts for some folks who might read this, I won't go into more detail now about my shopping trip!

This is a view of a small side alley containing more shops.

We got back home late in the afternoon and settled in to wait for the cold front to arrive. It did so, right on schedule. The wind came up, the clouds came in, and the temperature dropped like a rock. Once again, we were rocking and rolling in the gusty winds all night.

Today I had a routine medical test scheduled, so we got up and around fairly early. Jim had a lunch scheduled with a friend of his. I stayed home and watched for the cat.

The cat showed up in the place I've been leaving food. I grabbed the bag of cat food and headed over. She was very happy to see me and let me pet and hold her. I gave her some food and left her alone. I came back in and called Dream Power Animal Rescue. Someone from there will call me back tomorrow. I hope they can take this cat! My last choice is the Humane Society, I don't trust that she would get adopted from there.

I've enjoyed the time away from the storage unit project....back to it again tomorrow.

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