Monday, June 30, 2008

Chadron State Park, Day 2

After our usual start to the day with a short walk with the dogs and our coffee, Karon, her step-son and I headed to the hills for a hike. The park map shows a loop trail that goes to an overlook, so we thought that would be the perfect thing to do. Well, we found the trail, and off we went. All of a sudden, the trail turned and we found ourselves back on the road! We checked the map and figured we must have missed a turn off. So back we went, confident we'd find the cut off to the rest of the trail. Nope. It just wasn't there.

I did find this view on the short loop we did hike:

We ended up driving the road that loops around the whole park. Oh well, we did get some hiking done!

Later, after we got back and rested up from our exertion, it was time for the next adventure - geocaching. I downloaded 3 that looked pretty easy. This time, Jim, Karon and I went, while Karon's husband and step-son went fishing. The geocaching trio was the more successful activitiy, as we were 3 for 3! The fishing duo came up empty.

Jim found the first one, and Karon signed the log:
Karon found the second.

There really is a geocache in there. Karon actually saw it first, but we forgot our pen, so no one signed this log.

This is our yard!
Later, Jim and I got together and fixed dinner for the group. Jim grilled chicken and veggies, and I made a pasta salad and a pie. We had such a great time sitting outside and visiting until the air got chilly and it was time to head inside.

Karon's dog (KD) wants to play with Mr. BJ, but he's not too interested.

What a great day!

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