Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tulsa to Elk City, Oklahoma

It wasn't raining when we first got up and around this morning. But, by the time we were ready to pull out just after 9:00, there was a light rain. This is the KOA at Catoosa, Oklahoma, where we spent last night. That's just a little northwest of Tulsa.

This was our site there.

We had a pretty uneventful drive today. For most of the way between Tulsa and Oklahoma City we were in the rain. I was reminded of our trip this way last August during a tropical depression. Today was not nearly that bad!

We took the I-44 Turnpike to Oklahoma City, then the northern loop, also a turnpike, around to the west, where we picked up I-40. I think our tolls were a total of $21.00, including yesterday. For a few miles outside Oklahoma City, I-40 was extremely rough. Eventually, it smoothed out and the rain stopped, at least for awhile.

Along the way we saw a few interesting things, like a tumbling-down barn:

A Jet:
Wind Generators:
Lots of water:
And big rolls of hay. We stopped and topped off the tank again today, as we usually do. The price was the same today as yesterday, $4.499 per gallon. We traveled 227 miles and got 8.6 mpg.
We are staying at a Passport America park, Elk Run RV Park in Elk City, Oklahoma. There's not much here, but at $14 for the night, I'm ok with it. Tomorrow we'll be at Dickie Stout RV Dealership in Amarillo. We'll stay there one night and have our appointment first thing Thursday morning. We have a list of minor things that need to be fixed or adjusted under warranty. We are really hoping we don't get stuck in Amarillo, waiting for parts!

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Phyllis said...

Hi Ellie - I haven't connected with you for a while. Just wanted to say hi and glad everything turned out great at the Rally.