Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday: The Rally Crowd Grows and Computer Reboot Camp

It was still foggy and damp when we got up this morning, but sometime while I was slaving away in computer class, the sun found its way out and the sky turned blue. Before class got started, Karon and I had time for a quick walk around the park with the dogs. I've missed our morning walks, we used to go for long walks when we were both in Arlington, Texas last summer and early fall. We did some walking together in Rockport, but we weren't staying in the same park, so it wasn't as often. We solve a lot of the world's problems while we walk our "Schnauzer Brigade."

In the computer class, I relearned how to fix a problem I had on my computer last night and got Microsoft Outlook set up to work with Yahoo mail. We also got introduced to a photo management program, Picasa. I will need to spend some time learning it before I try using it much. It may be easier to get my photos on the blog with this program. I would like that, as sometimes Blogspot doesn't want to cooperate about getting photos loaded.
Jim Guld is showing Pat and Jim some tricks:
Chris Guld helps Allan and Jeanne:
Char and Denny:

Jim and I went to a nearby restaurant, American Cafe, for a quick lunch on my break from class. More of the RV-Dreams Chat Room folks had arrived, but I only had a couple of minutes to visit before I needed to get back to class. The afternoon went quickly in Camp Reboot. I am glad I signed up for it. Thanks to Chris and Jim, Geeks on Tour, for putting the class together for us.

Karon had researched where we can get the special food our dogs need. Both her KD and my Jasmine eat prescription food that we can buy only at a vet's office. We'd ordered it and needed to get it picked up this afternoon. That was the first order of business after class this afternoon.

Then it was on to visiting! Since Jim had spent most of the day under the big tent, he decided to stay in and relax while I went across the street to visit. We talked about all sorts of things, and then the subject of the chat room came up. Before we knew it, we'd decided to get our computers and get into the RV-Dreams chat room. One reason was that the folks who couldn't come to the rally were starting to wonder if we'd ever get back in chat, and another reason was to show some of the people here for the rally how to "do" the chat room. I hope we end up with some new "regulars" in the chat room after the rally.
Here are Sherri and Joe (Speedhitch and Mrs. Speed):

Tomorrow is the official start of the rally. The pre-rally has been great fun. However, we do miss our friends who couldn't be here.

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