Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden City, Kansas to North Platte, Nebraska

I left you yesterday, wondering if we would be able to get out of the tight rv site in Kansas. That part worked out perfectly, as the 5th wheel in front of us pulled out first, leaving a nice open space for us to pull out and make the 90 degree right turn to get out of the park.

No, that part worked fine. It was the fact that both slides on the driver's side had no power going to them, so we couldn't close them. We don't know what was wrong, but after Jim pulled the fuses and determined they were good and put them back in, thank goodness, they worked!

Then we had to wait for a couple who had hooked up their trailer, then went back in and had breakfast or whatever. Their truck was sticking out in the road with no way for us to get around them. We just had to sit and wait for them. A lesson in patience!

We got on the road, and found a convenient truck stop to fill up, at $4.719 per gallon. Just $250 later, we had a full tank and were on the way to Nebraska.

Here's a fairly typical sight along Highway 83 north, across Kansas and into Nebraska:

We had to stop for a stretch of road construction. While we waited for our turn to go, I was able to watch a plane doing crop dusting:

A new state for us. Well, we've driven into Nebraska once in a car, but this is the first visit as fulltimers:

This is what we felt like when we got stuck behind a truck that was painting the white stripe along the highway for several miles:

Finally, we arrived at the Holiday RV Park in North Platte. Karon and her husband and step son have been here a day or two already. Karon prepared White Chili and cornbread, and her husband made a delicious fruit salad that we enjoyed with Karon's brownies for dessert! Yum!

This bush is part of the park landscaping:

Now here's something I haven't seen in years. Jim got out his guitar and played for the first time in I don't know how long. Karon is looking on:

We'll be here for 4 days before traveling together with Karon and her family to Custer, South Dakota. We don't know how long we'll be there, or where we'll go from there. Now that's the part of this life that I love! I hope Karon and I will get to do some geocaching while we're here, as well as some sightseeing. The guys plan to do some fishing.

We traveled 240 miles today, and got 8.3 mpg. A fine day on the road and a safe arrival!


Peggy n David said...

Glad you arrived safely...someday David and I will listen to Jim play...and we'll sing along if he can strum the oldies...:)

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Glad you folks are together again and on the road. Sounds like you have so fun planned!

Speedy said...

I didn't know that Jim played the guitar...I use to play about 35 years ago. Sherri sold my guitar and I never go another. That is great...Maybe she will let me have one when I retire??? We could have a Hoe Down or whatever.

Joe and Sherri