Thursday, June 26, 2008

North Platte - Busy Day

I slept until nearly 8 this morning, I guess I was pretty tired! Coffee was especially good this morning as we talked about our day. First up was a breakfast at a diner just up the road from our rv park. Jim went over to see if Karon wanted to join us, as her husband and step-son had gone fishing. She came right over, and off we went.

I thought I might get Mr. BoJangles groomed today, but after we got back from breakfast, Jim wanted to dump and flush the tanks, and by then it was too hot to stand around grooming the dog. So we sat around for awhile, and Karon and her step-son came over to go geocaching. I'd printed up about 4 cache listings of nearby hides. We are rusty, only got two of 4 today. But it was fun anyway!

This was our first find, I'm reading the log.

This is just before we found our second cache. The terrain here was pretty scary, very dense ground cover. The fact that the cotton from the cottonwoods is blowing all over the place didn't help matters. The cache was hidden very far back under a piece of concrete, under a tree. Yikes!

I've been watching these birds, but I was not sure what they are. My expert source (Linda Payne) tells me this is a Western Kingbird.

Yesterday, we put up a new feeder pole and hanging feeder. This pretty, little yellow bird showed up today. I'm not sure, but I think it's an American Goldfinch. If any of you know, I'd be glad to hear from you.

I had a comment from Bob (and Lynda) yesterday, mentioning that they are at Pleasant Valley RV Park in Howard, Colorado. That's one of our favorite parks! We hope you're enjoying your stay there!

Tomorrow has to be grooming day. Either that, or I need to start calling Mr. BoJangles the Shaggy Dog! Jasmine needs it too, so maybe I'll get them both done before it gets too hot.

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