Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday - Rally Day One

Karon and I did get a walk in the morning before the main rally excitment got started. I worked on some computer things and straightened up the Castle. Jim and Karon's husband went to find a fishing spot at Table Rock Lake, leaving the two of us to find something to do. Well, it just so happened that the brand new Super Walmart was supposed to be open, so off we went! Sure enough, just a couple of miles up the road from the campground - in the opposite direction of the traffic and congestion in Branson -- there's a big, beautiful, new Walmart. Karon and I poked around in all our favorite departments. That would be housewares and clothes. We each ended up with a couple of items of clothing. I needed a few groceries, so we picked those up as well. By the time we completed our shopping, we noticed the store was a lot more crowded than when we first got there. Word must have gotten around!

Back home, I worked on pictures and got ready to head across the street to the big tent for rally registration. My job was to ask people if they are going to participate in the open house, and if they are, to give them a flag to identify their rig. The open house is split into two sessions, so I let them know which session they're in. Jenny J lovingly made doggie bandanas for all the RV-Dreams dogs, so I handed those out as well.

This was my station for the day. Next to me is Cheryl Catoe on shirt duty:

This little bird had quite a time jumping from one end of this truck's running board to the other, trying to figure out the "other" bird he kept seeing:

When registration first opened at noon, we had a steady stream of people coming by. But, business slowed down and we spent much of the afternoon visiting and having fun. At one point around mid-afternoon, Howard pointed out a "strange" woman talking to Jim at our Castle. Jim wandered over just after that. It turns out the woman came to ask us if we could give them any information about our tv system. They are here in another Phaeton and couldn't get their tv to work. We got our quick-start sheet and went over to see if we could assist them. I'm not sure if we helped much, but at least we gave them a few pointers. Good luck, folks!

Dee and Jenny, as Dee recognizes a friend from the chat room:

Joe Pitman (Speedy) has the job of selling raffle tickets. The raffle is a "50-50" with half the proceeds going to the winner and the other half to benefit the RV-Dreams websites.

Howard, "I know I'm supposed to be doing something, now what was it?"

The evening event was a kick-off meal of pizza and ice cream. Linda made announcements and then played the rally theme song - "Me and My Gang" by Rascal Flats. She was clearly excited about this rally, as evidenced by her energetic dancing!

Jesse and Ginger:

Several of the regular chat room folks gathered under the tent to hold "internet cafe". As I hadn't seen much of Jim and also needed to work on my pictures again, I opted to chat from home.

And that's it for the first day of the rally! If you look at the journal entry for today at you will find a slideshow with many pictures of the day's events.

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Looks like you all are having such a good time! Sure wish I could have been there.

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