Sunday, June 1, 2008

Colorado Springs to Garden City

We're tucked away at RJ's (or is it JR's?) RV park on the eastern edge of Garden City, Kansas tonight.

We left shortly after 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time this morning. Our goal was to make it to Deerfield, Kansas, where there is a Passport America campground. When we can, we stay in a PA campground, since they are so much less expensive. The down side is that they are sometimes quite a distance from the main roads, are hard to get in and out of, or just plain hard to find.

We got as far as the eastern edge of Pueblo, Colorado, traveling on US 50 East. The Pressure Pro sounded an alarm on the front left tire of the car. It was reading 23 pounds. We stopped as soon as we could safely pull over. Jim checked the pressure with his manual guage, and found that the alarm was correct. When he got the hubcap off and started checking, it was pretty obvious that the valve stem was leaking. About that time, a nice Colorado State Patrol officer stopped to see if we needed help. Once he determined we were ok, he just sat in his car with his lights on so people would move over and not kill us. Jim got the tire changed, only to discover the spare was flat. Out came the new air compressor. I turned on the generator and we got the tire aired up and were on the way again. The whole incident took about 20 minutes. Thank you, Pressure Pro! We've been grumbling about a sensor that doesn't always work, but today the grumbling certainly turned around. We are very glad we have this system!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We didn't find the campground at Deerfield, so we came on to Garden City which was only about 22 additional miles. We're parked with a very nice tree right in the view of our satellite dome, so we're going to watch snowy cable tonight. That is what I call roughing it!

We traveled about 260 miles and our gas mileage averaged about 8.2 mpg. Diesel prices in this part of the country seem to be around $4.70 to $4.90 per gallon, about the same as Colorado.

My connection is very slow, so the pictures I took today will wait for a decent connection to get posted. We plan to be in the Wichita area tomorrow, so I expect we will have broadband there.

All in all, a great day on the road!

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