Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Sunday in Red Bay

This morning was our last quiet morning for a few days - weekdays in "Camp Red Bay" are pretty hectic. The roar of diesel engines begins around 6:15 each morning, signaling the beginning of the workday at the Tiffin service facility. We enjoyed the quiet this morning!

Jim got the laundry ready and headed over to the campground laundromat. It's one of the nicest we've been to, with 5 washers and 5 dryers. We had 5 loads to do, so that worked out just right.

We had no rain this morning, but it was still foggy. I played around with the satellite system while Jim was doing the laundry. Finally, the signal locked on and we once again have satellite tv. I got my walk done and helped Jim get the clothes folded and hung and put away. Pretty exciting, so far, isn't it?

I decided it would be a good idea to try and find the Weight Watchers meeting location in Muscle Shoals. The meetings that are held around Red Bay are all in the evening, so I am going to drive the 40 miles to Muscle Shoals on Tues. morning. Jim went with me and we set out. It was a good thing we went, because the directions and map were quite a ways off. After driving around the area I thought the meeting location was, I went in to the local hospital and asked someone for directions. I got the correct location and found where I need to be, and we came back home.

I still didn't take any pictures today, but I did find some to share. The campground hasn't changed much since last August:

Janna sent me a comment with a question about taking the dogs out in the rain. I put these raincoats on them, they don't like them very much, but they put up with them because they hate the rain even more.

This duck (or goose?) was one we spotted in Rockport in 2007, but could never identify. Today, when I read Sandra's blog, Nightly News, she posted a picture of some Egyptian Geese. I think this may be the same thing:

We have been watching the campground fill up this afternoon. I imagine it will be a busy, noisy morning tomorrow!

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