Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red Bay Report, Thursday, March 19

Today has been a typical day in Red Bay. Wake up to the sound of diesel engines roaring, have coffee, take the dogs out, have more coffee. The next plan was to go for a walk, but first I needed to charge the battery on my Walkman. So I did some Wii Fit and ran the vacuum cleaner while I waited for that to finish charging.
Jim decided to head to the nearest "package" store (translation: liquor store) to stock up on beer, I stayed behind. The county in which Red Bay is located is dry, and it's several miles to the next county to buy spirits. I did get my walk done while he was gone. When he got back, we decided to head back out again to check another package store a little further away to see if they had any Alabama wine, which he didn't find at the first store. We didn't find the exact wine we were looking for, but found a couple of bottles of the same brand. On the way back, we stopped at Walmart for a few items. I found a rain jacket while we were there, so I got that. Maybe I won't need it for awhile!
Just before we left, I loaned my grooming table to Sharon for her to try. She'd been thinking about getting one, and needed to groom her schnauzers. When we got back, Bob brought the table back over. Sharon tried it, but found it hard on her back, so she decided to stick with her current way of grooming.
Jim and I collaborated on a great dinner of cream cheese jalapenos, grilled chicken, fried cabbage, baked potato and salad.
Tomorrow could bring more excitment - we'll just have to see what happens.


Avery's Wanderings said...

We are very glad to see the Jalapenos cream cheese being well used. Enjoy "Red Bay".
Glenn & Sylvia

Speedy said...

Hello Jimbo...see your on the right track...Ellie is walking...doing the Wii and you are out trying to find kind of man! I know all about those dry counties. We lived in one for thirty years...had to travel to the next county to buy our stash. Take care and enjoy that beer brother...see ya
Somewhere in Time

Joe and Sherri