Monday, March 16, 2009

Ho Hum...

I'm not sure what else to say about today....

As expected, the roar of diesel engines around us signaled the beginning of the day and the week in Red Bay. We got up and started on the coffee before I took the dogs out. Jim went to talk to the parts folks to find out about the cost of the blinds we want to order, and a pull out tray for the battery compartment. On his way back, he caught up with Greg, who spends his days riding around in a little cart doing minor repairs for people who can get his attention. Jim brought him back to look at one of our day/night shades that had a broken string, and our back TV. The sound on that TV decided to go into hiding the first night we got here, and hasn't been heard since.
Greg took the shade with him to send out to be restrung and puzzled over the TV for awhile, but decided it needs to be seen by an electronics guy.
Here's how the dogs spent most of their day - BoJangles in "his" spot on the couch with his duck doubling as a pillow:
Jazz didn't even get her hair brushed yet!

I spent part of the morning working on ideas for the menus at the upcoming get together with my Weight Watcher friends. This is another event similar to the one I attended last fall. I talked with the woman who hosts us at her "camp house" and we planned several meal ideas for the long weekend which will be starting on March 25.

This afternoon, Jim went back over to the parts counter to follow up with the blinds question. It looks like we will have the opportunity to stimulate the economy a bit here, as we did go ahead and commit to the order. More on that project to follow.

For excitment this afternoon, we actually went to town and wandered through the local Dollar General store and the Fred's Discount store. That took all of about 30 minutes, and we came back home to start dinner.

Yes, it's been quite a day here!

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Speedy said...

Well appears you will be taking on a whole new look. I guess you will be there for some time with all that to do.

Joe and Sherri