Sunday, March 1, 2009

Travel Day to Kerrville, Texas

It's been about six weeks or so since we posted a travel-day entry. We were definitely ready to get on the road again. After all the warm weather we've been enjoying, of course, yesterday it turned chilly again, and this morning it was pretty crisp with quite a wind!

We were ready to go early and left the Last Resort at 8:00 for our 240 mile trip to Kerrville. We fought a north wind most of the way, which hurt our fuel economy - we got 7.4 mpg overall. The good news though, is that we paid "only" $1.95 per gallon of diesel.

Here's our last view of the Corpus Christi skyline, with the Lexington in the foreground:

Crossing the bridge into Corpus, with that other Phaeton in front of us!

Hey, where'd the palm trees go??

We arrived at Buckhorn Lake RV Resort, which is just west of Kerrville off I-10 around 12:30 and got checked in and parked. Very shortly after that, it was time to go find some lunch. Six of us, Dortha and Mark, Karen and Donnie, and Jim and I, went to Mamacita's for a very nice Mexican lunch. Afterwards, Dortha, Mark, Jim and I stopped at Walmart. Dortha and I both just looked around with wide eyes at the size of the store, the guys kind of groaned and rolled their eyes. I was excited to find several things that the Rockport Walmart did not have. Well, sometimes it just doesn't take much to entertain us. We didn't stay long, though, and got back to the rv park in plenty of time to socialize with the other folks from the RV-Dreams community who are gathering here.
We have Arlene, Kathy, Debbie and Molly:
And Mark, Bob and Chuck:
Over the next few days, I'm sure I'll be able to get some fun pictures of all the people who are here.
Dortha, Karen and I decided we needed to get in our walk, so we made a couple of loops around the park and got 2 miles done. By the time we finished, most folks had decided to go to dinner, and we have now settled in for the evening.
Stay tuned for more adventures from the Gathering.

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Speedy said...

Hey I heard I got a new site...They stuck ol Speedy off in a corner...out a sight out a mind. I knew my friends would take care of me...I have to be out where I can keep an eye on all of you.

Joe and Sherri....are excited