Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Red Bay Tuesday

I actually had a purpose in getting up early today, other than the usual traffic here. Today was Weight Watchers day, and I was driving over 40 miles to attend a meeting. The weather forecast had originally called for clear, sunny skies, but that turned out to be for later in the day. As I left, we were under a dense fog advisory. Great.

Just as I was about to leave, Greg came by to work on the bedroom TV. He did find a pinched wire, but that turned out not to be the problem. He took the TV with him, promising to try to get it back today.

As I drove out of the campground, I came across Chris Berry, the fellow who used to work for Tiffin, but now free lances, building furniture and other accessories for motor homes. I stopped and chatted with him for a moment - we are having some computer desk modifications done by him, and he would be stopping by to talk to Jim.

I finally got going and made my way to Muscle Shoals, Alabama and the Weight Watchers meeting. It was a good meeting, and I had a small loss to show for my efforts. After the meeting I went by the Walmart store and picked up a few items and headed back home.

While I was gone, Jim was busy talking to Norris, the scheduling gatekeeper for Tiffin. He doesn't do the actual scheduling of repairs, but comes to talk to each customer to determine the severity and urgency of repairs. He reported that the service bays are about 3 weeks behind right now, but the paint bays are actually caught up. We might get some of our painting done while we are waiting on the service bays.

Jim also was visited by the fellow who will be replacing our day/night shades with the new type of E-Z Roll blinds. When we get to the actual project, I will go into more detail and include pictures. We should be getting those early next week.

The third visitor was Chris. Jim showed him what we want to have done, and Chris had a great solution. It involves making some changes to how the computer desk is situated, and will include a pull-out shelf for our printer. Again, pictures will tell that story. The other little project we have for Chris is to take out the back "false" wall of the pan cupboard under the cook stove top, and putting in a half-shelf there. He has done this on many coaches, and it increases the storage room in that cupboard quite a bit.

Finally, Greg brought our TV back and hooked it up. Now that is fixed, although we don't even know what was wrong. Oh well, if it works now, that's good.

Jim had planned to cook today, but after his busy, busy morning, he begged me to go out to lunch after I got back. I let him twist my arm, and we went over to Gill's Grill. There aren't a lot of choices for healthy meals eating out here, but this wasn't too bad. They did have a salad bar with some decent choices, and the steak I had was pretty small and lean. I wasn't able to get vegetables without butter, but that's ok, once in a while.

This afternoon was quiet, at least after 3:00 when all work stops and the rigs that have been in service all day return to their sites. The sun finally made it through all the clouds, rain and fog. Yay - blue skies again!

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JB said...


If you are talking to someone about your E-Z roller blinds ask them if they can install them in a Fleetwood Discovery. I loved them in Mark and Dortha's rig and think we are going to try to find some for ours. Who knows when we will be by Red Bay, but it doesn't hurt to ask.