Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Nice Sunday Drive

Travel day today, we moved a whole 98 miles from Bangor to Topsham Fairgrounds.  We went from a beautifully manicured and well-run RV Park with neat sites and gravel roads to a sandy, grassy field across from a horse ring!  No matter, though, this will suit us just fine for the next six days while we continue to explore Maine.  We have a 30 amp electric site with water and sewer too.  Right now, we are the only people here, although there are a couple of trailers nearby, no one staying there from all appearances.  The fair actually starts a couple of days after we’re scheduled to leave, so we expect we’ll start to see more activity as the week gets started tomorrow.

This was our view out the windshield as we started this morning’s journey, yes, those are raindrops.

Of course, no travel day would be complete without the orange cone zones:

And there were several rivers to cross as well.  Along the way, the rain stopped and we were able to finish the trip without getting wet.

Once we arrived at Topsham, the first order of business was figuring out exactly where to park.  There is no office open on Sunday, and we didn’t even know where to find the “campground”.  I finally found someone who knew were the sites were, so we just picked one and got set up.  After that we found a local brew pub, the Sea Dog, and had a nice lunch.  By this time the rain started up again, so we opted to relax and read and watch the Olympics for the rest of the day.

Thanks for the encouraging comments on my transition to the Mac.  Everything is going well, no major stumbling blocks so far.  It was a little disconcerting when we first took off this morning, though; I’ve used Streets and Trips with the GPS device most of the time we’ve been traveling.  Today it was DeeDee and MapQuest on the job.  

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Renea Miller said...

It all looks so beautiful! The orange cone areas scare me. When we were in Fort Worth on our Honeymoon, there were tons of road construction. Driving I35 - especially at night scared the bejeebies out of me. Two lane highway with those awful concrete medians. I'm terrified I'll sideswipe them - especially when I car goes whizzing by me. Several times I'd comment, "I sure hope Jim and Ellie don't have to drive their huge rig through roads like these. Then I saw your picture and I got nervous all over again for you! I just panic a little and sometimes feel like I'll just stop until everyone elsse can go by, then I'll get going again! I SURE hope your roads are easier to travel!!!
Love you!!!