Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yesterday morning didn’t start out all that great. I woke up about 3 a.m. hearing a soft “thunk” every few seconds.  Jim was sleeping soundly, so I quietly got up to investigate.  I noticed our nightlight was going from dim to bright in time with the thunk, so I checked our power panel and sure enough, we were on the inverter.  Every few seconds, the shore power would try to engage, but tripped immediately, causing the thunking noise I heard.  I switched the fridge over to gas, turned off the water heater and fan, and woke Jim to let him know something was going on with the power.  He got up and checked our power management system outside, and found that Line 1 was coming in at 132 volts, the trip point.  Now I don’t understand much about electricity, but I do know that power comes from the campground outlet in 2 lines, each should be about 120 volts.  Our system trips the power if it errors low or high, and we were getting a high voltage trip from Line 1.  We simply unplugged from the campground power and went back to sleep, nothing else to do at that time.  When we got up around 6, Jim checked the voltage again, still got the high voltage trip.  So we turned on the generator long enough to make a cup of coffee and waited until we found the campground owner getting his day started a little before 8. 

His story is that the power company increases the voltage to compensate for people running air conditioners in the warm summer months.  Do any of my readers who are familiar with the east know if this is true, and something we can expect to be a repeat experience as we spend the rest of the summer in this part of the country?

After a while, the voltages equaled out and settled down and we haven’t had any more problem – so far anyway.

Now on to the scheduled event of the day – we had reservations to take a lunch cruise on Lake George:

We picked up our tickets,

Ellie 004

Got ready to board the steamship:

Jim 001

Got seated in the dining area,

Jim 012








Enjoyed the views while we were docked and ate our lunch:

Ellie 006

Ellie 015

Jim 007






And then we  were off:

Ellie 025

There are some beautiful, privately owned mansions along the shore of this 32 mile long lake, but this hotel on Green Island is the grandest, it is the historic Sagamore, which reminded us of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island:

Ellie 044

There are a lot of islands in the lake, most of them are privately owned:

Jim 074









There were quite a few people along these cliffs, located along the deepest part (about 200 feet) of the lake.  Our guide told us they often dive from from here, but no one obliged us today as we passed:

Jim 086

Our two-hour cruise was over, and we headed back to our campground spot:

Ellie 036






But before we got home, we made a quick trip into a truck stop along the way and purchased a Garmin truckers GPS that we’ll use in the Castle while we’re traveling and in the car when we’re exploring and running around town.  We have other GPS devices, but decided this would work better for us than our phones or Onstar directions in the car.  We’ll keep the emergency and phone portion of Onstar and cancel the navigation service.  This new GPS should be helpful in determining safe and adequate routes for us, which Microsoft Streets and Trips still doesn’t do. I’ll still work with S&T to plan routes, but not exclusively from here on out.  We did research a new offering from Magellan and Camping World that is supposed to be exclusive to RV’s, but after checking out both units, we found the Garmin to better meet our needs for a few dollars less.

From a shaky start to the morning, we ended up with a darn good day.


Mike and Peggy Evringham said...

Having sorta worked for the "power company" in my past life I can tell you that indeed they do raise and
Lower voltage throughout the day. But not by that much! Getting over 132 volts is abnormal and more than likely a campground issue. When one line is high is the other high as well? If they are not the same ... It isn't't the power company!

Travels with Emma said...

I've been pretty happy with my Garmin trucker's unit. It doesn't do any good on some back roads though. :)

Fred Wishnie said...

We've had 2 Garmin's and they have been pretty good for us. When Consumer Reports tested them in the past, Garmin always has come out on top. Still have to check them though.

Leno said...

Glad to see you blogging again (especially since you are in my part of the country). You write a good blog. Continue enjoying. I will be back in good ole Cape Cod next week and really looking forward to it.

Elaine said...

we love our Garmins and they've worked pretty good for us during our travels...we still do back up with maps and S & T....glad your day was good despite the shaky start...power 'stuff' like that scares me...

Janna and Mike said...

We are so glad you are writing a blog again, Ellie!!! Fun to see your photos and hear about your adventures.

Renea Miller said...

Hi! The cruise looked amazing! That beautiful Hotel reminded me of the one where "Somewhere in Time" was filmed. Sure looks like it. Any idea? It's my favorite show EVER!!!

Love your blogs, Ellie, but love you more! :)