Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Semi-Rainy Day

I typically do my own dog grooming, but a few times a year I like to take them to a groomer, and today was the day we had an appointment with a groomer nearby.  I took them both in this morning and dropped them off, with intermittent rain showers coming down.

Back home, I intended to be ready to go out for some exploring.  But first, I needed to run a computer back-up. My laptop’s USB ports are falling apart, and I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to keep patching them together.  So I am making frequent back-ups, just in case.

Back-up completed, we started off to find Mount Hope Cemetery.  The rain had let up, but the skies were still dark, with rain expected to continue off and on most of the day.

Jim 022

Mount Hope is the second oldest garden cemetery in the nation, it was established the same year as Bangor, 1834.  It’s on the National Register of Historic Places.  It was the inspiration for Stephen King’s book, Pet Sematary, and the movie was partially filmed there.  Quite a few dignitaries are buried there, including the 15th US Vice-President, Hannibal Hamlin (served with Abraham Lincoln), 2 US Senators, 11 US Congressmen,  8 Civil War Generals and quite a few others.

We’re not sure if this structure is some kind of storage facility or a tomb, there wasn’t any kind of inscription on it, just a locked door:

Jim 009

Some of the graves in the older section:

Ellie 004

With rain threatening and not a lot of time left before we needed to pick up the dogs, we opted to return to the casino for lunch a few slots.  As usual, we had a good lunch, and broke even on the play.

When we came out of the casino, the rain was back.  It was time to go get Jazz and BoJangles anyway, so we did that and came home.  They were two very happy dogs when we picked them up, all trimmed and cleaned up.

We hope we have a sunny day for tomorrow’s planned adventure.


Renea Miller said...

Hi Jim and Ellie!!!

I just LOVE your pictures and hearing all about your day!!! I love you both dearly and miss you!!!

Love, Renea

Elaine said...

Love those picture of the cemetery. You definitely had a good day while the fur kids had a spa day.

Janna and Mike said...

Where's a photo of the new doggie "do's"???

Darrell and Judy Patterson said...

I guess you could call that "building" a tomb or a storage facility. During the harsh winters in Maine "they" need a place to hold the deceased until the ground thaws in the spring for internment.