Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Moosehead Lake–And A Moose!

We’ve been trying to decide what our priorities are for seeing everything we can while we’re in Maine, given time and budget constraints.  I really wanted to go to Eastport, which is the eastern-most point in the US.  But, it would not really be practical for us to drive that far on a day trip, so we decided we’d go to Moosehead Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Maine, located almost in the middle of the state.  Besides, ever since we started seeing signs like this in New England:
Ellie 016
Jim has wanted to see a moose standing by the side of the road.  Moosehead Lake boasts that there are more moose than people in the area, yeahrightsure.
So this morning we packed up a picnic lunch, loaded the dogs and the lunch in the car and took off, seeing some very beautiful scenery along the way:
Ellie 002
In a couple of hours we started seeing the signs again, and Jim was ready with both our cameras in his lap.
We went right through the little town of Greenville at the south end of Moosehead Lake and drove along the eastern shore until we got to Lily Bay State Park.
Ellie 018
We stopped at the gate, paid our $4.50 each and drove on in to the park.
OMG!  There she was, standing by the side of the road, just like Jim said she would be, a cow moose!  We saw her!  But, she saw us too, and before Jim could focus a camera to get her picture, she was already back in the trees.  But we did see her!  A real, live, honest to God MOOSE!
No, she didn’t look like this, but this is the only moose picture Jim took:
Ellie 013
We kept going at a crawl, hoping to see another moose, but it was not to be.  But, the lake, oh my, what a beauty:
Ellie 024
Blue, blue water,  islands covered with trees, mountains in the distance, it doesn’t get much better:
Jim 010
There were lots of picnic tables nestled along the shore and in the surrounding woods:
Ellie 051
We did get to see some wildlife:
Jim 017
We enjoyed the beautiful day, a nice picnic lunch and a little walking along the trails and the lake shore .
Ellie 055
Then we decided to start back towards Greenville, where we’d seen a few shops, oh, and lots of traffic!
Jim 021
We walked around town, which is located right on the south shore of the lake:
Ellie 062
And enjoyed the pretty flowers.
Ellie 064
For Janna, here are the dogs’ new haircuts, they don’t look much different, just neater!
Jim 012
We had a fabulous day and got home hungry, not wanting to cook, so I went and picked up a to go pizza, now we’re ready for a quiet and restful evening.  Tomorrow – well, who knows what we might get into!


Darrell and Judy Patterson said...

As a youngster I spent a lot of summer weekends camping at Lily Bay State Park with the family. Yes, 'tis a beautiful setting. Keep the pictures coming that way we can be taking a virtual vacation in Maine.

Renea Miller said...

What an awesome day!!! I got a few pictures of a moose and her baby at Yellowstone last year. I'll have to share with you. Gorgeous pictures and I'm SO excited to share these with you.

Love you dearly!!!

Mark and Dortha said...

Beautiful pictures...glad you got to see a moose...well, I guess I will take your word for it, lol.

I decided when we were there that if I could see a moose for every sign in Maine that indicated there was a moose...I would have burned up a camera or two!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great place, unfortunately we missed it on our trip to Maine:(

Janna and Mike said...

Gorgeous photos, guys! Thanks for letting BoBo and Jasmine be in the blog! I just can't tell you how glad I am you are writing a blog again--I love hearing about your travels and seeing your photos!

Terry Johannemann said...

So glad you were able to see a moose while visiting our beautiful Moosehead are no longer "Mooseless-in-Maine"! The photo taken on the road, with the mountains in the distance, is called Charleston Hill and if you look closely, you can see one of our mountains in the distance- Elephant Mtn. (it is the mountain that has the profile of an elephant). It is so nice to hear how much you enjoyed your stay up here. Love the schnauzers...we had a mini called Schotzi (whom we miss dearly).