Monday, July 30, 2012

Settling In and Making Plans

We were up way too early this morning.  Jim woke up thinking about the site we picked here at Topsham Fairgrounds, and I was having trouble staying asleep.  Anyway, we were up before 5:30.

Jim was concerned that if this “park” fills up this week, we might have a challenge getting out of the spot we first picked.  There was a steep slope just at the front of our site where we would need to pull out to the road.  If we had rigs on both sides of us, it might be tricky pulling out.  We had another spot picked out, and I think he wanted to move over there as soon as we got up.  There aren’t site numbers or assigned spaces here, just pick one and go. 

We were all set up in the new space before 8. I went looking for someone in the office to pay for our stay here since there wasn't anyone around yesterday when we got here.  There was a volunteer working in the garden, and she was happy to take our check.  She had a key to the office, and wrote out a receipt for me, so I guess we’re good.  They seem to be pretty casual about such things here.

We made a stop at Dunkin Donuts for breakfast sandwiches on the way to Walmart for supplies.  That chore out of the way, we spent a bit of time making plans for the week here.  There are quite a few things to see and do in this area, which we’ll get started with tomorrow, but we took today off to read and watch the Olympics.

It wasn’t a busy, exciting day,  but we enjoy our relaxing days too!

Pictures today are from our recent day trips around Maine.


Elaine said...

I.ove love that old barn.....enjoy your relaxing day!!

Allan and Jeanne said...

Allan and I arrived in Maine in June and will leave just after Labor Day. We are in Caribou. This is a beautiful state and we love the coastline. Enjoy your stay.