Thursday, July 26, 2012

Catching Up At Home

Today has been a day of a little of this, little of that (“little” being the operative word).  We had a slow start and it never got much faster. We talked about plans but never really made any.  Jim went to the office to get a wash permit to wash the Castle and came back with permission to wash the front end instead of the permit, saving $10 for the whole rig permit.  While he did that, I did a little straightening and cleaning.

Ellie 137

Then I took the dogs out for a nice long walk around the neighborhood while Jim put his cleaning stuff away and took the car to a car wash.  The neighborhood around Pumpkin Patch is starting to get built up, there are several places under construction, several new houses, and quite a few lots that appear to be ready for construction.  But right now, there is not a lot of traffic and activity, so it’s a nice area for walking.  Plus, at the back of the park, there are some woods with a short trail that the dogs love to explore.

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We decided to go to the next door restaurant, Hermon Family Restaurant, for lunch.  It’s very handy, reasonably priced, and the food is homemade and quite good.  When we got home, we relaxed.  Jim studied the inside of his eyelids for a little while and I read.


I bought 6 books on Amazon this morning, of those, 5 were free.  I keep a close eye on Amazon’s list of 100 best selling free books and choose those as much as possible.  I put the more expensive books that I might want on my wish list and wait for the price to drop.  Recently a friend mentioned a book that had been free, but by the time I saw it, the price was $9.99.  I waited until the price dropped to $3.99 and got it then.  The book is called The Dog That Talked to God, by Jim Kraus.  The dog in the book is a Mini Schnauzer, so of course, I just had to read it.  It was pretty good, but too short!

We had cheese, summer sausage, fresh veggies and crackers for dinner, completing our day of doing things the easy way.  I didn’t take any pictures today, so even those are recycled!

Ellie 075a

  Just a nice day in Maine!

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Renea Miller said...

And what a better day could you ask for? It sounds incredible to me - one I'd like to have about now.

Slee tight!