Thursday, July 19, 2012

Acadia National Park

We got started bright and early this morning for our first look at Acadia National Park, about 50 miles from the Pumpkin Patch.

Once we arrived, the visitor’s center was the first stop so I could get my parks passport stamped and buy a sticker.

Our first hike of the day – 52 steps up to the center:

Ellie 002_1

Our one wildlife sighting of the day, she was just getting ready to cross the park loop road when we came around a curve.  She darted back into the trees, then stopped to have a look at us:

Ellie 010

We stopped at Sand Beach, where a lot of other people were enjoying this beautiful spot on a beautiful, cool and sunny day:

Ellie 029

The rocky coast to the south of Sand Beach:

Ellie 027_1

Another stop along the coast

Ellie 063

Jazz and Mr. Bo Jangles liked the view, too:

Ellie 047

Along the Thunder Hole area:

Jim 020

Otter Cliffs:

Ellie 072

Soon we left the part of the loop drive that follows the coast and returned to the forest.  Our objective was to stop for lunch and popovers at Jordon’s Pond House, but I guess everybody else in this part of the country had the same idea and we couldn’t get close to the place, much less have lunch there.  Maybe another time….

So we continued the loop drive until we got to the top of Cadillac Mountain the highest point along the Atlantic Coast.  This is a close up of one of the views of the surrounding islands:

Jim 028

From another direction we could see Bar Harbor below:

Jim 033

Once we descended from Cadillac Mountain, we drove into Bar Harbor for a quick look and late lunch.  We found a couple of lobster rolls at a local deli before making the drive back home.

What a great day!  We will have at least another day or maybe two to explore the park.


Darrell and Judy Patterson said...

Nice, just plain nice. Wish we were there with you.

Mike and Peggy Evringham said...

Sorry you couldn't get into the Jordan Pond House ... But it looks like you had a beautiful day to see the park anyway!

Elaine said...

what a gorgeous area....looks like you had a great day