Monday, January 12, 2009

Day Trip in South Texas

Today started out much warmer, sunnier, and less windy than yesterday. I took the dogs out and then had coffee with Jim. Sandra mentioned in chat last night that she was going to get groceries this morning and invited me to go along. So, after my walk, we left for town. She took me the back way into Port Lavaca and gave me the nickel tour before we started the necessary grocery shopping at Walmart. We followed up with HEB and then came back to the rv park.

While I was gone, Jim went out to play with the resident pelicans who put on quite a show for him. Here's one of the best pictures he got:

Jim and I decided to drive up to Victoria to check out the time and distance to the Weight Watchers meeting I'll be attending on Thurs. morning. We found that with no problem and then decided to go ahead and make the trip to Rockport to check out the rv park where we'll be staying - The Last Resort. We found the park and talked to the office attendant. She was very helpful and gave us a map so we could find our site and check it out. Another challenge! There are overhanging tree branches at the entrance to our back-in site. I think we'll be able to get in, but it's going to be close. Once we get past the branches we should be ok, and the site looks pretty good. They are a little close, but that's pretty typical for Rockport. They are concrete with a little patio space.

It was great to see Rockport, and we are looking forward to our time there, although our view right here can't be matched!

We decided to stop at Alice Fay's restaurant and have dinner before coming back home. The best part about eating there is the view of the bay.

On the way back, along Highway 35, we came across many sandhill cranes in the fields. I doubt you can see in this picture, but there are at least 3 dozen in this one group:

What a great day!


Randy and Terry said...

Great picture of the pelican, Jim!! I love pelicans!!!

Joe and Sherri said...

Jim is getting real good with that camera! Tell me more about Rockport when you get there. I hope that next year Sherri and I will be joining you somewhere. By the way enjoyed the party last night.