Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moving Day to Port Lavaca, Texas

We were up and on the road by 8:45 this morning. We traveled 203 miles from Wilson H. Fox Corps of Engineer park to Powderhorn Lake, near Port Lavaca. The roads were pretty good, the traffic was light, and the weather was just perfect. We got 8.2 mpg, and filled up with diesel at 2.199 per gallon.

We arrived at the rv park about 12:50 and were greeted by Sandra and Gordon. After saying hello, they returned to their rig and let us get parked and set up. Parking --now, there was the challenge! Essentially, we had to parallel park a 40 foot motor home. We needed to get around a small palm tree, and in between a deck and the electric post. In the picture below, you can see the palm tree right in front of the motor home, with the deck right at the rear. Just across from the deck, on the other side of the motor home is the electric pole. Jim did a great job of getting the motor home in there!

Here are Sandra and I, with Powderhorn Lake behind us.

Another view of our site:
Sandra and Gordon's rig is next to ours.

Here's Pyro, one of the cats who lives here at the RV Park. He's been snoozing in one of Sandra's chairs:

And this "cat on a hot tin roof" is Storm, the other rv park cat:

This little building doesn't belong to the rv park, it's next door:

Here's a uniquely Texas Birdhouse:

Sandra gave us a quick tour of the park this afternoon. There's a nice recreation center that has a good library. The laundry has 2 washers and 2 dryers that each cost $1.00 per load, paid on the honor system.
Dinner this evening was provided by Sandra and Gordon - white chili, salad, corn muffins, and white chocolate pudding. It was delicious, and in spite of the recipe posted on her blog, Nightly News, I found chicken, but no Moose Nose! Thanks for fixing a wonderful meal, Sandra!
We plan to get a tour of the area tomorrow, and Sandra & I are planning to go geocaching soon!
This place is really nice, just what we have in mind for January.


Janna and Mike said...

Looks like a beautiful place, guys. Have fun!

Jenny Johnson said...

Ellie, I was just reading on another blog that Moose nose looks and tastes just like "chicken"...looks like you are in a wonderful spot...soak up some sun for me would you??

Jim and Dee said...

Great! You're going geocaching! That's such fun, especially if you find them. Have fun you guys.

Joe and Sherri said...

Sherri and I are enjoying the journal and the pictures. Tell Sandra and Gordon that we are practicing our Moose nose stew recipe. We will try to have it perfected come the "Gathering"

Joe and Sherri