Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reflecting on Birthdays

A while back, our friend, Jo Wishnie celebrated her 60th birthday. In her journal she wondered what 60 is good for. Jim, ever-wise (maybe that's wise-cracking), wrote her a note to explain that being 60 is necessary to get to 61. Yep, today, I've reached that big 60! And, I am just darn happy to be here.

I get to do as I please, say what I want, go around frumpy or fancy, made up or plain. I've reached a point in my life where I can help when I'm needed, give my opinion (mostly I wait until asked, but not always), or keep quiet and watch what's going on around me without worrying about what people think of me.

I'm living my life as I want to, and not how my boss or co-worker thinks I ought to. And that's worth all the years I did listen to bosses and co-workers.

Thank you for all the birthday well-wishes, cards calls and greetings! I've had a great day so far, and need to head to the RV-Dreams Chat Room in a little while with my glass of wine and enjoy the party. They love any reason to party and I can't wait to find out what fun we'll have.

Dortha treated me to a pedicure this morning, ahhh, the luxury! Jim cooked burgers on the grill, and we enjoyed a decadent chocolate brownie-pudding-cool-whip dessert that Dortha made. I got lots of e-cards and Facebook greetings, a ring from Jim, and a Smithosonian Handbook of Birds from my dear friend, Karon.

It's been a fabulous birthday!


Leno said...

Well, this is my 5th try at writing this. It won't save so I'll try again.
Happy Birthday Ellie. I wish you many many more on this great journey of yours.

luvglass said...

Happy birthday Ellie! Here's to 60 more in good health. I hope Jim took you out for a special dinner.
Fred & Jo

dreamjosie said...

Welcome to the Big 6-0 club. You have a great attitude. You'll fit right in.

Glad you had a great day. Enjoy many more.


FD5 said...

Happy Birthday Ellie, may you have many more.

Stay Safe
John and Bridget

Mike and Pat McFall said...

Happy "late" Birthday, Ellie! Sorry I didn't read your Blog yesterday...we are busy getting ready to leave the Valley. We're headed to the Gypsy Journal Rally in Casa Grande in a couple of days.

Hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!

Hugs.........Pat and Mike

Janna and Mike said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie, may the coming year bring you all sorts of blessings! Janna

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! and "120" more.
Can't wait to see you guys's Kerrville.
Ginger & Jesse

The Happy Wanderers said...

Hi Ellie,
We didn't know about your birthday in advance so we'll take this opportunity to wish you all the best. We love your attitude about being 60. I passed that milestone some time ago and even wish we could g back to being that age again. It was great!
Hugs to both of you,.
Ed & Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - Sounds like you had a great one -Phillis

Randy and Terry said...

Let me add my belated birthday wishes, Ellie! Sounds like you had a great celebration!

I've got a Facebook page, too! I'm gonna "friend" you!


Lee Ann & Larry said...

Ellie, I too have been running late in reading our friends blogs so just read of your 60th! Sounds like you had such a nice day. Where's the pic of the ring from Jim? I love rings, would love to see it. We are very interested in your geocaching activity as well so keep those coming. I bought Larry a handheld GPS for Christmas and we plan to do some of it soon. Any suggestions? Blessings, Lee Ann