Monday, January 19, 2009

A Major Landscaping Project

Travel days are always interesting, but today, ours involved a big landscaping project! We said our "'See Ya's" to Sandra and Gordon, and headed out of Powderhorn around 10 a.m. this morning. Since our journey was only going to be a little over 50 miles, we did not hook up the car, rather we drove separately, with me leading the way.

We arrived at The Last Resort in Rockport around 11 or so, only to be told to just leave the motor home parked by the office. The guys needed to do some tree trimming before we could park in our site. So we got in the car and drove to our site. Mark and Dortha were already here and set up. Mark had already talked to the guys, who were getting chains for the saws in order to trim the branches hanging over our site.

You might remember that we visited here last week, and I said we might have a challenge getting in. I talked to the manager of the park early this morning, and mentioned that I was a little concerned about the branches overhanging our site. I guess he contacted the maintenance workers and they were ready to get the job done.

Here is Roger with the pole saw, working on the branches. You can see Mark and Jim in the background with a rope, helping. They already have a big branch down!

Another view:
While they were working on the trees, Dortha and I went to the local Subway Sandwich shop and got us all sandwiches for lunch. We ate while the guys finished trimming.
And we're in!

You can see how the tree in the foreground is leaning, there was another huge branch that hung way over into our site. They had to take out that one, plus some from the tree on the other side. They were great, got it done and cleaned up for us!

Mark and Dortha had quite a bit of trouble getting a satellite signal, so they pulled up their jacks, put in their slides, and worked to get placed in exactly the right spot to get their satellite signal. It took Mark climbing up on top of the motor home with my special satellite finder compass, so he could tell just where they needed to be. Dortha was doing the backing up and going forward until they got it.
Finally, we all got settled in to our new home for the next 6 weeks. The sites we are in have just recently been added to the rv park, so we are the first to be parked in them.
It's been a beautiful day, and we're ready to go out to dinner at The Big Fisherman.


Jim and Dee said...

That's a great site! I'm glad parks (some of them?) will clear out branches. Have a great time for the next few weeks.

Mike Goad said...

That pole-saw looks mighty familiar.

In 2007, when we had a high profile 5th wheel, we were in two places where they had to trim the trees so we could get parked. Neither involved anything as major as what you had there from what I see in the pictures.

Before those, we camping in one place in Missouri I thought was OK, but a branch ripped a small tear into the side of the rubber roof liner, just above the door into the trailer.

We now have 24'9" class C and don't anticipate too many issues with branches being too low.

Mike Goad (at home in Arkansas)
Haw Creek Out 'n About

Debbie and Rod said...

Nice park, wish we were there with you guys. We had a great time at dinner and hope for many more while you're here.

Debbie & Rod

Randy and Terry said...

We'll be there, well, Rockport, in a few weeks! Save some fun for us.