Sunday, January 4, 2009

North Texas Wrap-Up

Yesterday and today have been spent wrapping up our visit to the North Texas area. In the morning yesterday, Jim went to Walmart to pick up a few things and talk to their auto service folks about a persistent oil leak we've been dealing with since we had the oil changed there a couple of weeks ago. They cleaned everything up and put a new gasket on the filter. Hope that takes care of the little drip. While he was gone, I got both Jasmine and Bo Jangles washed. Before they get too dirty again, I should have a chance to give them a good trim.

We talked about the invitation Dortha extended to join them in visiting Joe and Sherri at their new 5th wheel later on in the afternoon. At first, Jim said he'd really rather stay home. I'd planned to go on my own with Dortha and Mark, then at the last minute, Jim decided he did want to go.

I'm glad he did, because it was a great time. We drove to Dortha and Mark's place, then Mark drove us all to Joe and Sherri's beautiful new home. If you read either of their blogs, Somewhere in Time and RVing With Poppa, you've already read about our visit and seen some pictures, but I took a few pictures too.

Sherri and Dortha in the kitchen - Sherri is showing off what's left of the six-pack of Miller Lite that we took to Joe. The bottle of wine we gave Sherri is still in the bag!

One of the features of their new, elegant home is an "Arizona" room - the passenger side living room slide has skylights all the way across it, so it's almost like sitting outside. It sure is a beautiful place!

Mark and Joe, having a serious conversation as we're getting ready to leave to eat dinner:

Looking good, Sherri and Joe!

We all went to Chili's for dinner before we headed back across the metro area and back home again. What a great visit!

Early this morning, Jim took our six loads of laundry over to the big laundry room at the rv park and I started my cleaning routine. I got as much done as I could towards our planned departure tomorrow morning.

Ruth and Wayne came over for a quick lunch and we said our "see-ya's" today. Now we're watching the weather reports and figuring out what our back-up plan might be in case we get a lot of freezing rain in the morning. We're in an area that is under a severe weather watch, just on the edge of a line along which there could be significant moisture and freezing temperatures early tomorrow morning. Not a good combination for traveling! Our plan is to leave here between 8:00 and 8:30 in the morning to give us plenty of time to make our 11:00 appointment at the Freightliner shop in Temple.

It's been a great holiday season with family and friends here, and we're now looking forward to heading a little further south for awhile!


Joe and Sherri said...

Thanks for coming to see too Jim...LOL We really enjoyed getting to see both of you this trip. We can't wait to be free to travel and meet up other places besides Carrollton. Only 5 more months to go and then we will be leaving here headed north. I guess the next time that we see you two will be in March...Jim I will supply the beer on that trip. Thanks again for the RV warming gifts..that was nice of you to do that.

Joe and Sherri

Mark and Dortha said...

We are so glad you were here in the area for the holidays. It has been great.

Hope the drip is gone for good! LOL

Safe travels and see you real soon.