Friday, January 30, 2009

Four For Geocaching?

First, thank you for all of the wonderful messages, comments, cards and wishes for a happy birthday. They all made me feel very special and blessed to call each of you my friend!

Today has been another great day on the Texas Gulf Coast. I got a good walk in this morning, 2 miles. That is 4 laps around the campground. There are quite a few people who walk here, almost any time of the day someone is doing laps. Some people walk briskly while listening to music, some people walk in pairs, some have dogs, and some walk slowly. I love to watch the different styles - it's nice to know so many people get out for the exercise.

Jim spent most of the morning trying to rest and get through this head cold that he seems to have picked up. I think this is a similar virus to one we had a few months ago. So far, I've avoided this one, knock on wood! By noon, he felt better and we went to the HEB grocery to get the shrimp and other goodies for our SuperBowl gathering on Sunday.

When we got back from the store, we had a quick sandwich and then the four of us took off to do some geocaching. Dortha and I had both downloaded several caches in our GPS units. Today, I drove the Saturn and the guys got to sit in the back seat. Our first stop before getting started with our geocaching was for Dortha to stop at the UPS store to ship a book she just finished painting. Then we were on to our adventure.

We each were the "first spotter" on at least one or more caches today, and we made five finds. There was one we didn't look too hard for, but I didn't have it in my GPS. We've found that we really need both GPS units to do this! Dortha's Flo provides us with our driving directions, but doesn't seem to zoom in to the exact coordinates very well. My GPS doesn't have any streets or driving directions, but does get us right on target.
Can you see the container in Jim's hand? This was the smallest one we've found!
Mark, Dortha and I discuss what to take and what to leave in this cache:
Jim and Mark, having a good day!
The view from one of the cache locations:

Jim and Mark kept asking where we were going to eat out, since we were having so much fun out geocaching and no one really wanted to go home and cook. We ended up going to a Chinese Buffet. Dortha and I were able to find some reasonable selections.

Then it was time to get back home and log our finds on the geocaching web site and wrap up this fun day!


Jim and Dee said...

What fun! It's great to be out and about and get fresh air without just sitting. Congrats on finding the caches!

Al V said...

How fun. Yesterday a new "friend" here at the park we are staying joined me for a few hours of caching..his first time.
Al Viscardi