Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday in Rockport, Texas

Yesterday, Dortha and Mark stopped by to let us know they were going to Walgreens to pick up some type of cold medication for Mark, seems he was having an issue with either a cold or allergies. We talked for awhile and ended up deciding to go to Corpus Christi to do a little shopping when they got back with the medicine. The weather was chilly and cloudy, so it wasn't a great day for being outside.

So we got ourselves dressed and ready to go. We started off in Bed, Bath and Beyond and found a few things, the most important is a particular type of measuring cup for Karon. Then we went to Ross to see if they had any blouses or shirts we liked, but didn't find anything there that we wanted. After that, we walked over to Best Buy, and didn't buy a thing, thank goodness!

Time for "Linner" at a Mexican restaurant recommended by friends of Dortha and Mark's. Familiar sight, watching Jim and Mark head for the door! The meal was very good.

It's extremely dry in this part of the country, and on our way home on Padre Island, we came across this large grass fire, burning between the highway and the dunes next to the gulf. I heard on the news last night that it was about 50 percent contained.

Today was still cloudy and cool, so we didn't plan to do much. Jim has been wanting to reorganize the spice cupboard, so he got busy this morning on that. While he did that, I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet and cleaned the shower.

Some friends of Dortha and Mark were going to meet them for dinner this evening, and invited us to go too. We hesitated at first, but finally decided to go.

Before we met their friends, we went to Conn Brown Harbor to see if we could find anything to photograph. We watched this tug pulling a barge, which turned out to be carrying a long, long, long pipe!

We usually get a lot of pelican pictures, but today we saw this osprey:

After our little tour around the harbor, it was time to head off to dinner with Dortha and Mark and their friends. We went to our new favorite, The Big Fisherman again.

On our way out after dinner, Jim took this picture of the palm trees outside the restaurant with the light behind it.

We sure are enjoying the slow pace of the last couple of days!

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Joe and Sherri said...

Sounds like you fill your days with fun and exciting adventures. The weather up here has been cold and then hot and back again. It is a wonder that we don't have colds all the time! Jim I like your picture of the palms...good eye for settings..

Joe and Sherri