Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear Karon!

Today has been a very special day to me -- Karon's birthday! I first met Karon in 2005 through a Weight Watcher's online community forum where about 20 people or so who follow the WW progam and love RV'ing and camping post each day.

We met in person just after I retired in May 2006, when Jim and I took our first RV trip to the Grand Canyon. She introduced us to the RV Dreams website, which has led to us meeting many great friends. She and her husband were already fulltimers by that time, and their experience had a lot to do with influencing us to go fulltime. We hit it off, and have been friends ever since. Ours is the kind of friendship where we each will travel great distance if we're needed by the other. She's a very special friend.

Karon, I hope this day has been a happy one for you!

This picture shows us doing one of our favorite things - walking the "Schnauzer Brigade":

It's been a busy couple of days here, sleeping in, having coffee, and enjoying the warm coastal weather! Yesterday, Dortha and I attended a Weight Watchers meeting at noon. We usually try to find a morning meeting, but the closest one around here is in Corpus Christi, so we decided to try this one. The room was packed! I guess it's a combination of Winter Texans and New Year's resolutions, we'll see if it stays that crowded throughout our time here. Both of us lost some weight this week.

After the meeting, we headed off to The Big Fisherman for their lunch special. Deb and Rod joined us, and we had a great time. We extended our lunch to include ice cream at Dairy Queen. Gee, after losing weight, a girl's gotta celebrate, right?? Well, actually, after waiting to eat until after the meeting, we were hungry!

A short visit to a farm market was next on the agenda, then we invited Deb and Rod to come over to the RV park and visit some more. We sat outside until the chilly evening air drove us in, what a fun day it was!

Today was even warmer than yesterday. After a nice, slow start, we decided to try a little geocaching on our way to the store for a few more grocery supplies. Dortha wanted to try Flo out and see how she does with finding geocaches. She was able to download the coordinates from the geocaching website, so we took both Flo and my handheld gps. The guys came along, and we headed out.

Success! We found 2 of 2 for our first outing. There are a lot of geocaches in this area, I think we could spend every day finding some and still not get them all.

We went to the store after getting a quick lunch at Subway, and got home in time for me to put together a meatloaf for dinner. We had a great Southern comfort food dinner planned, and managed to stay within our points allowance. Besides the meatloaf and gravy, we had collard greens, rutabagas, salad and banana pudding. Yum!

Following our wonderful meal, we got out the Wii Bowling and played 3 games. Dortha and Mark wanted to see Guitar Hero, so we had a little concert with that before calling it a night. What a great day!


The Happy Wanderers said...

Ellie, you are looking great! Keep up the good work.
Say Hi to Jim. We are trying to hold down the fort here in the Rio Grande Valley. Keeping Jesse out of trouble may be a full time job, but we are sure enjoying Ginger, Jesse & the boys.
Hugs to you guys,
Ed & Marilyn

Al V said...

Welcome fellow Geocacher! My online Geocache name is repsman42.
We are very new to the sport/hobby and love it. We just moved from the Texas Hill country to Casa Grande Az. I found a bunch in Texas and hope to find a lot here too. We have a journal also at:
Al Viscardi

Karon said...

Thank you, dear friend. No matter how many miles are between us, you will always be close to my heart. I thank God for the gift of you.

Love you, Karon