Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Returns!

I went out with the dogs this morning, and the temperature was nearly 70 degrees. I then fed them and went back out with the Nordic poles by myself, and it was still very warm. Sandra caught up with me near the end of my walk, and we finished our loop. She stopped off to do her exercises and I came on back home.

It wasn't long before I realized we needed to run the air conditioner, because it was hot and stuffy in the motor home. After breakfast, I was doing the dishes and it suddenly got much darker outside, with the wind whipping around. The temperature dropped immediately, the wind changed direction, and winter returned. So much for my light capris and t-shirt. Time to bring back the winter clothes.

I mentioned running the vacuum cleaner, and Jim ran for the laundry. There are 2 washers and 2 dryers here, so he did 2 loads. I was finished with the vacuuming long before he was done with the laundry, I think I got the better end of that deal.

I did my Wii and we were just about to start a game of bowling, when Sandra came over to ask if we wanted to go on a quick birding run. We will get back to that bowling at some point, and chose to go along with them.

When we went outside, we found this little squatter who seems to have adopted our chairs!

There were not many birds out, and I didn't get good pictures of the ones we did see, so here's a shot of a typical house in this neighborhood:

Later on this afternoon, I saw two brown pelicans in the little marina area here at the park:

We've spent most of the day inside, Jim has been entertained by a football playoff game, and I have read blogs and played games on the computer. Not a very exciting day, but a good one just the same!

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