Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lazy Day

Another day of sleeping in, I love it. After I walked the dogs this morning, I went to Walmart and that was about the most activity I accomplished the whole day. I did manage to put together a beef stew for tonight's dinner. The weather was warm and sunny, but I didn't get out for a walk, other than several short dog walks.

Jim got several things done in preparation for travel day tomorrow. The tanks have been dumped, the tires checked and lawn chairs put away. He's spent the rest of the day watching the football playoff games.

Karon and Dan took his mom home today, after she'd been visiting them for a week. Since they were passing nearby, they stopped in for a quick visit. It was good to see them, although it was only for a few minutes.

I really enjoyed just sitting quietly this afternoon, taking in the view and the warm air. We've really liked being here. This morning, "Grandpa", the owner, stopped by and told Jim he was glad we came and hoped we would keep this place in mind for future visits. Now, I don't think we've had that happen very often in RV parks! I know we will miss this view.

On to the next adventure!

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