Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gone Geocaching

I got in a good walk this morning with the Nordic poles, my first time to do 2 miles with them. I'm working to increase time and distance, and let the intensity build up in time.
After the walk, I talked with Sandra and we decided today would be a good day to go geocaching. We agreed to go out after lunch.
Jim got busy washing the outside of the Castle's windows. I have a feeling this salt air isn't really great for the Castle, but I sure enjoy the view here. By the time we leave next Monday, I'm sure we'll need some polishing and cleaning the whole Castle.
Sandra came over with Miss Pinky and we took off to find the few geocaches near here. There aren't many traditional caches in the immediate area, but there are several virtual ones, so we were able to find those with no problem. Virtual caches usually involve either sending a picture of yourself in the specified location, or emailing the answer to a question that you have to find at the location. Our first find was the one traditional cache nearby. Included in this one was a travel bug, Sandra's first. She's going to take it with her and make sure it gets placed in Canada.
Our next 2 finds were virtual. Below is Sandra in front of our third find.
This is a lighthouse in Port Lavaca:
Our 4th find was at this historic site, several miles from Port Lavaca. The cache was in a waterproof match holder, hidden in one of the trees pictured below:

We finished up with our 5th find on the way back to Powderhorn Lake. We were 5 of 5 today, a perfect geocaching day!

I made quick Mexican Pizzas for dinner before we got settled in for the evening. Just another great day.


Sandra said...

We had a great time, didn't we! Thanks for the geocaching lessons!

Barb said...

Cool on 5 for 5 and a Travel Bug, too. How fun!

Jim and Dee said...

Congrats on finding all five! You see places you'd never see on your own. Good job!

Karon said...

5 out of 5....I'm impressed! That's so neat to take the travel bug to Canada. Nice!
Hugs, Karon

Joe and Sherri said...

Well I guess a reward is two. I am high fiving you now! I would have to find them with a
Sextant...might be a little more of a challenge?

Joe and Sherri