Monday, June 23, 2008

Amarillo to Garden City

We decided to take a slightly different route from the one Microsoft Streets and Trips had planned for us. Instead of going out 60 to Pampa, Texas and turning north on 70 to get to 83, we went North on 287 to Stafford, Texas, then 54 east to Liberal, Kansas, where we got to 83. We'll be on 83 the rest of the way across Kansas, and much of the way across Nebraska.

I read on Ed and Marilyn Dray's Journal about their dislike of Oklahoma roads. May I just add, Amen, Ed! I thought our teeth would fall out several times going across the Oklahoma panhandle today. The road just east of Guyman to the Kansas state line was horrible! If you don't have to, don't go there! Even in our Castle on wheels, which has been smooth riding most of the time, was bouncing all over the place today. So, if you think the turnpike is bad, they are like glass compared to the one we were on today.

Instead of paying for expensive welcome signs, Oklahoma might fix their roads!

It's all a matter of perspective, notice the size of the windmill next to the wind generator?

But, as soon as we crossed the state line into Kansas, it was smooth going for the rest of the way to Garden City. Not only are we in the same rv park (RJ's) but we're in the same site, #27. I'm not sure how the heck we're going to get out of here though. Last time, when we left, we had a straight shot through the site in front of us and an easy right turn a couple of rows over, but there is a 5th wheel in that site now, so we will have to make a very sharp right turn with a trees on each side of our site. Instead of having pull throughs that are angled, these are all straight in, straight out. Not easy to maneuver! We may end up having to unhook the car if we can't get out otherwise.

Ah, smooth roads again.

We were here and set up shortly after 3:00. We traveled 241 miles and got 8.7 mpg today. With a tree right in line of our satellite dome, we couldn't get a signal, but they have good cable in this park, so we at least have tv for the night. I heated up leftovers from dinner last night.
And now, back to Amarillo Signs:

Not a bad Monday!


Rod Ivers said...

Boy I'm glad our Kansas roads are better than Oklahoma. We went that way to Az two years ago, and nothing has changed.

As for the bag of carrots, LOL, I ordered a cookbook the day that Howard put up the order button. Still not here yet but lets see, eggs, oil, flour, spices, ya I'm ready. Thanks Ellie!

Speedy said...

Ellie, this comes from a reliable source. The Indian Nations found a way to get back at the white man. Seems it is about 150 years too late but they put together a plan that so far has worked very well!
They built roads that will tear up your covered wagon and then they take the rest of your money at the casinos. Welcome to Native America.