Monday, June 2, 2008

Garden City to Goddard, Kansas

Yes, Dorothy, we're in Kansas. HHH -- Hazy, Hot, Humid. We have some acclimating to do after the cool dry air in Tucson for the winter and Colorado for the spring

As we were getting things ready to go this morning, Pressure Pro gave us an alarm on the front left tire of the car. Sound familiar? Yeah, it's the same position that we got the alarm on yesterday. At least today, we weren't on the move yet. Jim unhooked the car and went in search of a tire repair facility. I continued on with getting things ready to go.

He called me in just a few minutes to let me know he found a Goodyear store just up the road and they could fix both tires right away. As we knew, the good tire had a leaking valve stem. It turned out that our spare had a screw in it. It cost about $35 to get them both fixed.
While he was gone, I cleaned the windshield a little bit, unhooked the electric and cable, started the motor home, pulled in the slides, put up the jacks and was ready to roll when Jim got back. He parked the car in the front area of the rv park. I hopped in the driver's seat and proceeded to drive the motor home out of our site and parked it in front of the car. Jim got the car hooked up and we were off - and yes, I drove for the first 30-some miles.
Looking pretty comfortable in that driver's seat, don't you think?

Jim was a bit nervous about me driving through Dodge City, so he took over before we got there. Of course, later, he admitted I would have done just fine.

We drove through Greensburg, the little town that was almost completely destroyed by a tornado last year. They're rebuilding, using a lot of "green" ideas.
Here's a business with the roof off, it looks like they moved into the canvas building temporarily.

Looking down a side street in Greensburg:

We saw a lot of new building going on:

Other than those two pieces of news, it was a pretty uneventful drive. Lots of wheat fields, lots of flat land with a few feed lots thrown in for good measure.
Typical view of the day:

We're in a small rv park about 10 miles west of Wichita, in Goddard. The sites are very tight! I would not consider this park for any length of stay, it's just ok for an overnight parking spot. We stopped at a truck stop in Pratt to top off our fuel. In Colorado Springs we filled up for $4.099 a gallon back in April. Today, we put in about 50 gallons for $4.759 per gallon. We drove just over 200 miles today and our mpg was about 9.5.

Tomorrow we're going to be in Nevada, where we'll stay 3 nights before heading to Branson on Friday. I'm looking forward to visiting Nevada and doing my family history activities!


Tumbleweed Dee said...

You really do look good behind the wheel! Keep up the good job.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi Ellie,
That stink you smelled from the feed lots in Dodge City, wasn't what you thought it was the smell of money.
That's what they told me, when I was there. I was disappointed, it doesn't look like the Dodge City of Gunsmoke. They went and paved the streets!! LOL
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Donna McNicol said...

Yup, you look right at home in that driver seat. You are MY HERO! ;-)

Be careful going through all that tornado territory...and have a BLAST at the rally.

Speedy said...

Nevada?? That must be a town?? Kansas back to Navada then to Branson...

Joe and Sherri

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl!!!

Fred & Jo

Debbie and Rod said...

Good job, Ellie. I drove the truck today for only the second time ever to go do laundry. :)