Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hanging Out in North Platte, Nebraska

A day without traveling. Ah, how nice. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy traveling days too. I'm just ready for a few days of sitting still between the traveling days.

So we had a few things to catch up on. First was my prescription. My health insurance doesn't allow for me to get mail order or 90 day refills. I have to refill my one prescription every month, and it has to be within a few days of the last refill. Otherwise, either they won't fill it, or someone writes a letter to my doctor, telling her I'm a non-compliant patient. Oh, boy, talk about control! I checked to see where the nearest Walgreens is, and found out there aren't any here. Walmart, here I come!

I got Karon and we went off to the local Walmart. They were able to transfer my prescription without any problem. While we were there, I got a bird feeder pole that comes apart so we can pack it for traveling.

Back at home, Jim was busy washing the rig. He wanted to put the slides in so he could more easily get to the top over the slide areas. The two slides on the driver's side went out fine yesterday when we set up, and they went back in today for washing. However, they didn't want to go back out again. We waited a few minutes and tried again, and this time they worked. After he finished washing the rig, Jim called Tiffin and spoke to a technician about this intermittent problem. The tech said it could be a solenoid and told him where to find them, and what to do if it happens again.

Jim wanted to get a one day fishing permit, so he took off on his own to do that and find a fitting for his new pressure washer. Seems it was missing from the original packaging. He also was going to replenish our cash. We're finding that more rv parks are giving discounts for cash, or charging an extra 2 or 3 percent for using a credit card, so we've started carrying a little more cash with us than we used to. When he came back, he had a new bird feeder for our new pole and a bag of bird seed.

While he was gone, I baked a pie and then started looking at the geocaches in this area. There are a lot! So, I think tomorrow may be a geocaching day. Karon and I walked the dogs after Jim got back. I declined to cook this evening, so Jim & I went out to a local restaurant. After our meal, we took a drive and found Buffalo Bill's ranch - Scouts Rest. Here's the one picture for today, the ranch house:

It was cloudy and cool this morning, but the clouds burned off and it got pretty warm this afternoon. This evening we're going to sit outside in the shade and look for birds. I hear a lot of birds in the trees here, and I'm trying to see what varieties there are.
What a great day it's been!


Unknown said...

Hi, What a pain re your prescriptions! I'm lucky that I can do a 90-day mail order! Anyway, good luck! We arrived at Pleasant Valley RV today in Howard. Lovely place and we're looking forward to a little rest for awhile too. Would you believe, we ran out of gas 4 miles from the station in Raton, NM! Truck said 6 miles to go and GPS said 4 to the station. Didn't work. AAA brought 2 gal and Good Sam showed up with 5. Wanted to see who got there first! Another "Lesson Learned"!! Lynda and Bob Soady

Peggy n David said...

Ellie - when we are traveling we never use ATM's...we just use our debit card at WalMart and get cash back! That way we don't run up those 'extra' fees!

Sounds like you're having fun...wish we were there!

Speedy said...

I hope that your slide problem is worked out. I have a Hot Water Heater that needs an element. I hope that is all I need. We are planning on getting the second air put on this month so I might have the HWH fixed then. have fun looking for treasures. See you in chat

Joe and Sherri

A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

I want some geocaching pictures from you and Karon! I still haven't taken Miss Pinky on her maiden geocaching voyage!

Jenny Johnson said...

Hope you have fun with your geocaching....I have never been but I DO have the outfit!! and i can find one (well sort of) I am home and glad to be here..think i will sit for awhile!!