Monday, June 9, 2008

Might as Well be in Class!

Sometime during the night, the rain devils came through and decided to stay awhile. I heard it raining, and raining, and raining. When we got up around 6:00 this morning, the world here was drenched. It stopped long enough for me to take the dogs out for awhile, but it's rained off and on all day.
I figured it was a good sign for me to be able to sit in class since the sensible people would be in their rigs, doing their rainy day activities.

I really enjoyed the day in class and actually learned a few new things! One in particula will cost us a few dollars, because it involves a USB "adaptor" to use instead of our built-in wifi card. It may increase our signal in those instances where we use a park's wifi instead of the air cards. In most places, our Verizon cards are great, as long as we're in an area of the country where we can get broadband. But sometimes, we're in areas that only have "National Access" which can be much slower. With this adaptor, we should be able to pull in a stronger signal from wifi hotspots.

During the afternoon session of the class, we noticed the tent people had arrived. They got the big tent up outside Howard and Linda's rig, and folks started gathering. Good thing it was almost time for class to be over for the day! We packed up our computers and headed out to join the gathering.

One of the first people I saw in the growing circle under the tent was friend Speedhitch (Joe) and his wife, Mrs. Speedy (Sheri). We've been in chat room many times, and over the course of the past year, discovered that Joe and Jim were both born in Childress, Texas. Well, Jim actually was born in the next town, but that was only because his mom didn't like the doctor in Childress! Not only are they both from Childress, but both their dads owned grocery stores there. Small World!
Here's "Speedy", heading back from his rig where he picked up some adult beverages. I think the beer bottle is holding up his umbrella.

Jazz is asking me if I can please make it stop raining!

After visiting under the tent, we took Karon and Dan to find a Mexican dinner. We found a little restaurant downtown which was pretty darn good. While we were having dinner, the rain stopped.

When we came back to the rv park, we actually had a pretty nice sunset!

Well, I have some homework to get done! It's been another great day.


Anonymous said...

The world is getting even smaller!

My father also owned grocery stores his whole life and I grew up working in them as soon as I was old enough.

Enjoy the rally, wish we could have been there with you.


Speedy said... is soooo great to spend this time with you at the rally. After chatting for almost a year we finally chat across the table. You know all the chats in the future will be so more meaningful now that we have had this time together.

Thanks for being a dreamer

Joe and Sherri