Sunday, June 22, 2008

Reflections of Amarillo

The family has scattered, and life will go back to whatever we each call normal. We had several of the family over for dinner tonight, and they've now gone home with hugs and good-byes.

It's been a good time, and now it's time to reflect and move on to the next adventures.

Before I forget, I had a couple of comments from readers about the carrot cake. Rod mentioned that he has a bag of carrots and no recipe. The recipe is in the RV Dreams Family Cookbook which can be ordered from Howard and Linda.

When I went to the Cadillac Ranch a few days ago, I saw one of the cars had "Sassy" painted on the trunk. One of our RV-Dreams family members is called Sassy, so this is for her:

Over the past 3 days, we've taken a lot of pictures of family. Instead of posting reunion pictures, I want to share a couple of reflections of Amarillo:

Friday evening, as I was driving back to the motor home, I noticed a really nice sky. No time to get a picture, so I just snapped this in the side mirror while I was stopped at a red light:

We ate dinner at the Country Barn one night, and they have these geese hanging from the ceiling in the silo part of the building:

Two buildings downtown, reflected in the windows of a third:

And that's it for Amarillo. Tomorrow is travel day. We expect to revisit Garden City, Kansas, on the way to North Platte, where we'll join Karon!

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Speedy said...

I am so glad to hear that you had a safe trip. When I have time I will tell you about ours...What a bummer! It did get better when we got to Shreveport. Hey I think I have a contract on the house...I need a prayer here! More news when we hear from the relator.

Joe and Sherri