Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week-End in Branson

Things are happening at a very fast pace here in "Pre-Rally" Branson. I've started several times to write this blog, and here it is Sunday night and I still haven't done it. I took my own words to heart, it's time to get started with the party, indeed!

I started out by taking Linda up on her agreement to see if she could cut my hair after she did Howard's. Here we are!

We spent most of the day visiting and greeting new arrivals as they came in. I'd mentioned to our very close friends, Karon and Dan, that we would provide lunch for their arrival on Sunday. So late in the afternoon, I tore myself away from the business of socializing and came in to start preparation for a big bowl of potato salad. I had just enough time to get that ready before we left for The Landing, where 17 of us were headed for dinner.

Yesterday (Sat. June 7) was Linda and Howard's 22nd wedding anniversary, so it was sort of a celebration for them. I tried a bite of alligator that Bob offered, it wasn't bad!
Happy Anniversary to Howard and Linda!

After dinner, we walked to the fountain area of The Landing in Branson, where there is a water/music/fire show put on each hour. We watched that, then wandered on to do some shopping.

Jesse and Ginger, Howard and Linda and Jim & I went to a piano bar for awhile and enjoyed people-watching while listening to the music.

Today has been non-stop as well. I made a pan of beans this morning while waiting for Karon and Dan to arrive. These are very special people in our lives, they've been a great source of support and friendship. We've grown to be very close over the 2 years we've known them. It's been about 6 months since we've seen them, so we were happily anticipating their arrival. We knew they were to be parked in the site next to us. Unfortunately, the people occupying that site weren't quite as happy about their anticipation and missed the check out time. Karon and Dan had arrived, and were waiting for their site. All was worked out, though, and they got parked and set up.
The space next to our site is open grass with some shade trees. Most of the gathering has been happening right outside our door, since we are fairly centrally located to the group that has arrived so far. I can't resist a gathering, so I've been out with the group much of the time.
Did I mention it's been non-stop? Here are Howard and Jesse proving just how non-stop it's been!
More visiting! Then it was time for lunch, which probably by this time, 25 or so folks joined in. We served the big bowl of potato salad, the pan of beans, brats that Jim grilled, macaroni & cheese that Ginger made. We also had cantelope, chips and salsa, fresh veggies, oh yes, and the fuzzy navels that Molly brought! We had a great time and continued visiting most of the afternoon.
Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour and new RV-dreams community member, Chuck getting their lunch:
Linda, doing some hard, non-stop visiting:
Kathy, on the left (Chuck's wife), Linda and Ginger enjoy lunch:

This afternoon, Linda showed us how to do "T-Shirt Braiding" so there are now several of us who have the knowledge. I'm not sure about the skill, but at least we have the knowledge!
Linda has pointed out 2 new birds to me, one was the Orchard Oriole, and today we saw Cedar Waxwings. Very beautiful, but not close or quick enough to get pictures. Maybe next time.
Tomorrow and Tuesday, I'm going to be in class most of the day! That means I'm going to need to think, I hope I can remember how!

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Janna and Mike said...

Geez, Ellie and Jim, we are tired just reading about your day. Sounds like you are having a ball, ENJOY.
Mike & Janna